• Imagine a place …where you’re a part of something big.

    Play Ball
  • Imagine a place …filled with spirit and fun.

  • Imagine a place …where being a good friend is the most important thing.

    Sunshine Boys
  • Imagine a place …where children learn to take healthy risks.

    Girl Walking on the Rope Bridge
  • Imagine a place …with great coaching & learning.

    Boys Basketball
  • Imagine a place …where you learn to be your best self.

    Girls Basketball
  • Imagine a place …where you can do things you never thought possible.

  • Imagine a place …of breathtaking beauty.

    Our Lake

Imagine a place...

where new relationships will turn into lifelong friendships; new experiences will build lasting confidence and resilience...where there are stories and traditions, sports and arts, laughter and excitement, music and cheers…This is our summer camp in NH…

This is Camp Kenwood for Boys and Camp Evergreen for Girls in Wilmot, NH.
Imagine a place...

Explore our community. Engage your imagination. Enrich your summer.

Why Kenwood & Evergreen?

What Parents Are Saying

I spoke to Myles tonight—or I spoke to someone who said hi mom…who did not cry….who likes camp, who is going to miss camp…. someone who was expecting color war and a fake out tonight and someone who told me whose bunk he wanted to be in next summer! I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!!
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Just a reminder that our brother-sister summer camp's first fall special event is just a week away! On Friday, October 16th, we invite all families interested in our community, along with anyone whose child was a Freshmen, Sophomore or Inter camper in 2015, to join us for an evening of […]
The other day Scott forwarded me an article about a group of teenagers in London who intentionally unplugged from the world of mobile phones and apps for a week. The results were incredibly telling. […]
Last week I posted a video that a group of our campers worked on over the course of our 7 week summer camp season. If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend giving it a look. It’s creative, funny, and visually beautiful, and these kids wrote, acted, directed and […]