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The Art of Film Making At Our Summer Camp For 21st Century Skills

For much of the fall I have been using my Tuesday blogs to profile some of our talented coaching and teaching staff. In particular, I have highlighted some of the methods that they use to teach both the technical skills of their activity areas, along with 21st century skills like critical thinking, adaptability, and creativity. […]

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How We Teach Basketball At Our Summer Camp For 21st Century Skills

So how exactly do you run activities at a summer camp for 21st century skills? How do you teach and coach sports while also focusing on character building? In last Tuesday’s blog I profiled Andrew Disbrow, who has been the head of our ceramics program for the last 18 years. In it Andy outlined how he […]

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Summer Camp For 21st Century Skills: How Children Succeed

Would you like to radically change your understanding of how children succeed? We invite you to watch this provocative TED Talk video by teacher and child development expert Angela Duckworth. In it she makes a persuasive case for why IQ is not quite the predictor of success that so many of us think it is, […]

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Summer Camp For 21st Century Skills

Over the years we have developed relationships with the select few other summer camps around the country that also focus on teaching 21st century skills to children. One of them is Camp Champions in Texas. Recently, Steve Baskin, the owner of Champions (and a partner in our day camp Everwood), wrote a piece articulating why […]

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Summer Camp for 21st Century Skills

Summer Camp for 21st Century Skills After a fabulous, funny Counselor Show last night we awoke to a beautiful, humid, sunny Camp day. When I left my house at 7am Kenwood & Evergreen campers were already out of their beds, jumping with excitement on the front porches and lawns around their bunks. It appeared that […]

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