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Staff Testimonials

The growth, learning and connection our staff extract from a summer on Eagle Pond, is one of the things that makes this community so special. We believe there is no greater testimony to camp, than the social media posts our staff share with the world. It is our passion to provide our staff the platform to have an incredible summer, and we welcome YOU to come be a part of it!

The past 4 summers I have spent at Camp have been the best moments of my life. Some of my most cherished memories and amazing experiences have been when I have spent my summers at camp. I remember thinking in my first year that I was only going to come for one summer and that I didn’t see myself falling in love with camp like everyone says you do. I was so happy to discover that I was wrong about that. I truly have fallen in love with camp and the people that make it what it is. I can’t think of any other place that I have been to where I have been greeted with open arms and smiling faces. Where I have been treated with respect and such kindness. Where I was able to realize my potential and feel like I was making a positive influence in someone else’s life. Where I was treated as an equal. But most of all, I can’t think of any other place that I have been to where I have felt like I truly belonged. Camp is such a magical place. I feel like not only have I learned so much from my experiences at camp, but I also feel like I have become a better person because of it. I am going to miss camp so much but I will never forget it and everything that it has given me over the years.

—Tony (4 years)

I really enjoyed reading the staff newsletter last week- it brought a tear to my eye! I honestly had the best summer this year! It was so much more than I expected and I have gained so much from working at camp and being a part of such a wonderful community- so thanks for hiring me! I received the calendar and the ‘Grease’ dvd the other day, it bought back so many brilliant memories ?

—Hollie (1 summer)

Can I just take the opportunity to thank you and everyone at camp for an amazing summer, I don’t think we could have been taken better care of or made to feel more welcome as international staff. I heard plenty of stories from other camps on my travels afterwards and didn’t find anything that came close to the experience you gave us.

—Cate (1 summer)

This e-mail is to say a HUGE thank you for recruiting me 3 years ago and that the past 3 years at camp have been fantastic; the experience, working with a new group of people every year and overall Kenwood and Evergreen being second to none. I have so many great memories from the past 3 years to which I will look back on in many years to come and experiences that I will use in the future, no doubt!

—Leigh (3 summers)

You have no idea how much I miss those kids, and how helping them and being a part of their lives made me feel really fulfilled, and my experience at Camp Evergreen was one I’ll take with me for the rest of my life…I also had some awesome days off, and felt like I got to be a part of something truly special at camp.

—Sam (1 summer)

I have learned so much from the place, I think more than anyone else I know. Its not just the time we have but on a professional front, learning how to deal with people, how to deal with situations, how to overcome problems or manage others. Hopefully you will also have witnessed my transformation from a jack the lad to a serious and professional youth worker. (I hope!) It has put me in a good frame of mind for future work. I know how hard I have worked and improved in my four years and I wanted to be more than just another face on the wall, I wanted to be remembered for good reasons.

—Chris (4 summers)

My fondest memory of camp was probably Breakout and colour war. It was great just to see how excited everyone was. It was really nice to work with a real mix of children. I found hearing them sing at the end of colour war a really emotional experience and I felt so proud of them. I like how the songs were short stories of everything we’d experienced together at camp that summer. It marked the end of a great summer and that was really nice.

—Amy (1 summer)

My best memory was probably Nancy Tucker night just because it was so random; I’ve never experienced anything like it. The campers no matter what their age was were so excited and the atmosphere was so good. My most enjoyable experience was meeting some great kids and developing my basketball coaching but also meeting some amazing friends that I will always be in contact with.

—Helen (1 summer)

Camp is amazing, without a doubt the best experience I could have ever had. The environment created by the brass, the staff during orientation and the entire camp experience is incredible. The experience is one I cannot put into words and can only be felt through going to the camp and living the community. I hope I have the pleasure of returning in a future summer!

—Eddie (4 summers)