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Opening Day

Traveling to Camp

Camp opens for our half and full season week campers on Wednesday, June 26th 2024.

Campers are strongly encouraged to take the bus to camp. The Camp experience really begins on the bus ride up – new friendships are formed and songs and games are played. Goodbyes are also easier at the bus stop.


When: Wednesday, June 26th at 1:00pm
Where: Riverside MBTA Parking Lot (far end). The station is located just off Exit 22 of Route 95.
Check in time: no later than 12:45am


When: Wednesday,  June 26th at 11:00am
Where: Hyatt Regency Greenwich CT, 1800 E Putnam Ave, Old Greenwich CT 06870
Check in time: no later than 10:45am

Group of female campers and staff outside smiling
Putting name tag on camper by school bus

Travel by Plane to Camp

If your child is traveling to Camp by plane please be in direct contact with the Camp Office no later than May 1st to confirm your child’s travel plans. Please make sure that you consult with the Camp Office before booking any flights as it is crucial that we know the complete travel itinerary of each child. Families interested in what their child should bring on an unaccompanied flight may find this link helpful.

If your child is traveling by plane please remember that luggage should not be checked (except international campers), but should be shipped by separate carrier, as discussed in the “Baggage” section.