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Mickey’s Kids

The 2023 summer camp season and the 20th Annual Mickey’s Kids Swim-A-Thon is just around the corner. Last year our camper participants swam thousands of laps during the summer-long event in support of our Mickey’s Kids scholarship recipients. For our new campers (and families), Mickey’s Kids is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the racial, cultural and economic diversity of our camp community.

Mickey's kids in towels

How to Fundraise

Every camper will have the opportunity to create a custom fundraising page (with parent support and help!) that can be shared with friends and family. On that page, supporters can choose to make a direct donation of a lump sum, or may choose to pledge an amount for each completed lap. If every one of our campers and staff participate and are supported by their friends and family in this important effort, we should be able to meet or beat that goal! Let the swimming, and the fundraising, begin!

The Story of Mickey’s Kids

Mickey’s Kids was established to continue the vision and values of Mickey Dank, a life-long friend to the children of Camps Kenwood & Evergreen. For more than forty years, Camps Kenwood & Evergreen have been committed to enhancing the racial, cultural and economic diversity of their camp communities. It was Mickey’s belief that we should do all that is possible to foster the spirit of inclusion in the Camp community. His hope was to provide more assistance to campers in need through a permanent endowment fund. At the time of his death, Mickey was working to establish a non-profit organization embracing this goal. Sadly, Mickey did not live to see his dream become a reality. Inspired by his dream, his friends and family created Mickey’s Kids.

The Swim-A-Thon

Each summer, the campers and staff of Camps Kenwood & Evergreen have the chance to participate in a summer-long swim-a-thon to raise money for Mickey’s Kids. They get in shape and improve their swimming strokes while helping to ensure that their friends from Mickey’s Kids will be able to grow up with them at Camps Kenwood & Evergreen.

Girls jumping into lake for swim race

While campers at K&E each summer are asked to participate in the Mickey’s Kids swim-a-thon, they are not required to raise funds or collect sponsorships. Sponsorship does help maintain this stable summer environment for children in need, and foster the entire Kenwood & Evergreen community! We do ask families to consider encouraging children to participate in the Mickey’s Kids swim-a-thon.

Current Camp families will receive an introductory letter from Mickey’s Kids before the start of each summer.

About Mickey’s Kids

Mickey’s Kids is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to bringing the dream of camp to children in need. It provides tuition assistance to children, enabling them to participate in the magic of summer camp. The children, for whom these experiences would not otherwise be available, benefit from a strong network of support, gaining social skills, self-esteem, core values, and a greater sense of personal responsibility. Mickey’s Kids campers, who typically begin at Camp in the fourth or fifth grade, receive a seven week scholarship to attend Camps Kenwood & Evergreen each summer until the completion of ninth grade.