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Help For First Time Campers: The Official Camps K&E Encyclopedia

Camp is less than 90 days away, and we just could not be more excited. Invitations for the May 17th New Camper Party in New Rochelle will be going out later this week, and the phones are ringing every day with new parents calling with really good, important questions about this summer. Just a reminder, […]

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Information for Camp Parents About Camp Clothing, Meals & Bed Wetting

The start of camp is just over 100 days away, and we know that both parents and campers are getting really excited. We also know that even our returning campers have tons of questions as they prepare for the summer of 2015. In recent weeks we’ve written articles for parents and campers about camp bedtime rituals, why […]

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Answering New Camper Questions About Bunk Life and Laundry

With so much snow on the ground the start of this summer can feel like it’s years from now, and yet our opening day is less than 150 days away! So I have a question for our newest campers: are you getting excited for Camp? We sure are! We are so looking forward to spending […]

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Information About Our Bedtime Rituals For New Parents And Campers

There may be fresh snow all over the East coast today, but the start of our summer camp in New Hampshire is only 150 days away! And as our June 27th start is approaching, the most common questions we are getting from new parents and campers are about bedtime. Is there a set bedtime at […]

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An Anti-Bullying Video For Parents Worth Watching Immediately

This morning I saw a video about bullying that I felt needed to be shared. The short, 6-minute documentary is titled “Opening Doors and Hearts”, and it profiles a young man named Josh and his struggle to find social acceptance in a new school. Initially withdrawn and seemingly unnoticed, Josh begins holding the door for […]

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Camp Spirit Ideas and Information For New Campers and Parents

At our summer camp in New Hampshire we know that many first-time campers and parents are an ever changing combination of excited and nervous. That’s perfectly natural, and something we have a lot of experience helping with. One thing that we’ve learned is that it’s important to provide new families with tools to help them […]

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For Parents: What The Happiest Families Have In Common

An article for parents caught my eye a few days ago titled “6 Things The Happiest Families All Have In Common”. It was actually a summary of the book The Secrets of Happy Families by author and social commentator Bruce Feiler. You may be familiar with Feiler, as he has written for the New York […]

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