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Our Mission

Creating A Million Little Moments

At Kenwood & Evergreen our caring counselors help children to grow as athletes, artists, adventurers and leaders, with a greater sense of belief in themselves and a deeper ability to connect with others. This is all made possible by the strong relationships formed between our staff and campers; creating a level of trust and support that allows for healthy risk-taking and the embracing of new challenges – directly resulting in increased independence, resilience, and positive social interactions.

We work each summer to create a million little moments when our campers can exceed their own expectations, and do more than they ever thought they could. They truly learn what they are capable of; taking risks, sometimes failing, persevering and overcoming. Their successes are their own. Their confidence is hard earned. These experiences are truly the magic of Camp, and this confidence and self-insight stays with them when they return home.

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