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​What’s a New Camper Party?

One of the ways that we help our new campers feel great about joining our camp community is with our New Camper Parties. Each spring and fall we host gatherings for new campers all around the world! These parties are designed to help our newest campers and their families have the opportunity to meet some of our Leadership Team and counselors, as well as make friends with other families who are coming to Kenwood & Evergreen for the first time.

Meeting staff at a new camper party

We do all sorts of fun things at New Camper Parties, including rock climbing, play gaga, hockey, or indoor soccer, bake and decorate cupcakes, go swimming, learn Camp songs and cheers, and have tons of fun. We also serve pizza and refreshments afterwards. These are K&E events, so everything is always peanut and tree nut free, and we cater to all other allergies.