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Choosing Activities

Structured Choice

Our innovative Structured Choice program gives campers the opportunity to experience more than 35 different and exciting activities, while also being guided towards our core sports and waterfront activities.

Each weekday there are three 1-hour activity periods per morning and three 1-hour activity periods per afternoon. Campers in each age group have 2, 3 or 4 activity choices per hour. Structured Choice enables campers to pursue activities they are most passionate about, while also building friendships with children outside of their own bunk.

Two boys starting a hockey game

Our unit leaders in each age group are responsible for tracking the activities each camper chooses, and helping them achieve a balanced schedule.

A typical Structured Choice schedule looks like this (though every day of the summer is different!):

1st Morning PeriodSoccer, Basketball, Gymnastics
2nd Morning Period Ceramics, Woodshop, Dance
3rd Morning PeriodSwim, Inflatables, Boating, Fishing
1st Afternoon Period Arts & Crafts, Design Technology, Baseball
2nd Afternoon PeriodRock Climbing, Archery, Filmmaking, Lacrosse
3rd Afternoon PeriodTheater, Tennis, Circus, Mountain Biking
Girl with lifejacket on sitting on dock
Girl running during soccer
Boys drilling during woodworking


On weekends we bring Kenwood and Evergreen together for fun and exciting special events. These include:

  • Goldrush
  • Sports Intercamps
  • Intramural Sports
  • Big Weekend
  • Carnival
  • Hollowpallooza Music Festival
  • Ultimate Capture the Flag
  • Color War

Weekends are an opportunity for campers to build friendships with campers of both camps, and for siblings to spend quality time with one another.

Hollowpallooza Music Festival stage
Girls running for color war