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Learn About Camp

Camp is the greatest gift you can give your child, but how do you know what camp is right for your family? It is all about feel.

Camp isn’t just camp, it’s a partnership. Camps Kenwood & Evergreen wants to be your family’s greatest resource. Our partnership starts with an easy two step process: Educate & Connect. Our two dedicated camp engagement coordinators will partner with you every step of the way.

During your search process, you will learn there is a lot of different type of camps. We understand it can be overwhelming. We would like to keep it simple and start you with three things: K&E Flip Book & Media Gallery.

Our K&E Flip Book is a wonderful digital immersive informational booklet on all things camp. Filled with videos, fun pictures, and easy to read flow, K&E Flip Book is a great introduction to our warm camp community for families with or without camp experience!

K&E Flip Book


Take a step inside our community! Watch the magic of Camps K&E in our media gallery. Videos include About K&E, Sports, Arts, Adventure, and Our Staff.

K&E Media Gallery

When you are ready or if you hadn’t done so yet, click on request more info. Interested families will receive digital literature about camp like our 3:1 ratios, traditions, and structure choice program. Also, our two dedicated camp coordinators will be in touch to help answer any questions you may have. It is a great opportunity to let us know what is important to your family.

Request More Info

The best way is to learn about camp is to talk to someone from camp! Ali & Caleb are our wonderful camp coordinators that happily guide many families to K&E. They want to help your family to see if Camps Kenwood & Evergreen feels right! Click on their profile to connect via phone, remote meeting, and Home visits!

Ali spent 14 amazing summers at camp, as a camper, JC, general counselor, unit leader and now Evergreen’s camp coordinator. Ali has always remained very close with her camp friends and many of her former campers. Ali’s greatest joy is being a mother to her two amazing daughters, Emme and Bess who attend Evergreen! Ali can’t wait to get to know your family and help foster the love for Evergreen for girls!

Connect With Ali

Caleb started as a counselor in 2010 and has been with the camp family ever since. Caleb worked with campers of all ages as a counselor, unit leader, and camp of all trades. Beginning in 2022, Caleb transitioned into Kenwood’s Family Coordinator and facilitated a lot of new families to Kenwood. His easy going attitude and kid like smile has made him a background fixture for many Kenwood campers experiences.

Connect With Caleb