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The Where Your Camp Shirt contest and our upcoming Camp Winter Weekend

I love when a Camp contest heats up! Throughout the year we run something called “Where Your Camp Shirt”. It’s a way for campers to show their camp spirit by being photographed on trips around the globe wearing a piece of camp clothing.

Yesterday was our first day back in the Camp office after vacation, and while we had many submissions for the Wear Your Shirt contest, when the blog was published the clear winner was Zelda. Over winter break she and her family traveled to Myanmar and Cambodia!


And yet, moments after it was published we received an email from one of our Kenwood campers containing two pictures: one of him in Hong Kong, and one of him in Singapore…and both with him wearing a shirt from our brother-sister summer camp in NH.where-in-camp

So we busted out the atlas and did some measuring. 

  • Wilmot, NH to Naypyidan, Myanmar: 8085.48 miles
  • Wilmot, NH to Angkor Wat, Cambodia: 8700.43 miles

(well done with the traveling, Zelda!) 

  • Wilmot, NH to Hong Kong: 7929.40 miles
  • Wilmot, NH to Singapore: 9385.16 miles

So at least thus far in the 2015-2016 Camps Kenwood and Evergreen Wear Your Shirt contest, it looks like Michael is currently in the lead! Well done to all who have participated. If anyone has plans to visit Perth, Australia please let us know as that would certainly move you into first place!

We love the many ways that our campers, counselors, camp parents and alumni show their camp spirit throughout the year. This coming Friday morning I will be boarding a train at Penn Station in NYC with about 60 senior campers and counselors as we head north to Boston. Along the way we’ll pick up more camp friends in New Rochelle, Stamford, Providence and Boston, and eventually about 120 members of our brother-sister summer camp community will board two coach buses for a weekend on our campus in New Hampshire.

camp winter weekend

This annual event marks the start of the year for many in the Kenwood and Evergreen family. It’s a weekend of sledding, snow fort building, skating and hockey on our lake, horse-drawn sleigh rides, fireworks, amazing dinners, and more! And most importantly, it’s three days up at camp with our camp friends who we miss so much.

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