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The Start Of The Winter Weekend At Our Summer Camp In New Hampshire

It’s the start of our 15th annual, totally amazing Senior Camper Winter Weekend at our summer camp In NH! At 11am this morning about 70 Kenwood and Evergreen campers and counselors and I boarded a private Amtrak train car at New York’s Penn Station and headed north. Along the way we picked up friends in New Rochelle, Stamford, and Providence, ultimately stopping at Boston’s 128 Train Station. When we arrived there were another 40 or so campers and counselors exitedly waiting to join us on our journey.


Everyone was just so excited to see their Camp friends. Based on the screaming and cheering you would have thought there was a Beatles concert taking place in the train station. Everyone was hugging and high fiving, jumping up and down, so thrilled to have this special weekend with each other. Our camp community really loves being together, and people traveled from all over to be here. This year’s Winter Weekend has campers and counselors from all over the United States, including Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, and Virginia!

After the initial excitement died down we hopped on two chartered buses and made our way to our summer camp in NH. As we drove down the Camp road, even in the dark, you could see that the campus was covered in a lovely blanket of snow. Even with the leaves off of the trees and the grass completely covered, Camp looks really beautiful. 


Everyone settled into their heated cabins and then we sat down together for an amazing dinner. There was piping hot chicken parm, pasta with many different sauces, and a delicious salad. Afterwards, we all put on our warmest clothing and headed to our soccer field called the Hollow for some late night sledding. The Hollow has outdoor stadium lights on it, and is a massive, incredible place for sledding.


Then it was back to Cypress Lodge to warm up. We had some olde school fun, playing all sorts of games, including Monopoly, Uno, Connect Four, Heads Up, Ping Pong, Foosball, and more. It just a great night in New Hampshire with our camp friends. 


As we made our way back to the cabins I took a group out to watch the night sky. With almost no electric lights on for miles, and in the crisp night air, they were amazed by how vibrant the stars were. We saw one massive shooting star streak right over the lake, and also watched in awe as we were able to track the orbit of a satellite.

Now everyone is back in their warm and toasty cabins, taking hot showers and getting ready for their first night back at our summer camp in NH in months. It’s so wonderful to see how quickly our campers are able to reconnect with each other and resume their deep friendships. I know that I speak for all of our Camp’s leaders when I say how lucky we feel to be a part of such a loving, caring, meaningful community.

More updates tomorrow, both here and on Facebook!

Founded in 1930, Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is a brother-sister summer camp in NH. Our intentional community is dedicated to helping young people create deep, meaningful friendships that will last a lifetime.  

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