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How a 21st century skills camp teaches resilience and creativity with clay

We have some amazing teachers and coaches at our overnight camp in NH. We spend the fall and winter searching around the world for talented, nurturing adults who not only understand how to teach their sport or art, but are skilled at helping our campers gain technical proficiency while also developed their vital 21st century skills – skills […]

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21st Century Skills Summer Camp: Teaching Children Empathy

21st century skills summer camp: teaching children empathy As a summer camp that teaches children 21st century skills, a key outcome that we try to impart on our campers is the importance of empathy. Valuing and understanding the perspectives of others is a necessary trait for being an effective leader, for adapting to the changes […]

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21st Century Skills Summer Camp: Teaching Soft Skills

  Someone has written about it again: the soft skills gap. This time it’s in Time Magazine in an article titled “The Real Reason New College Grads Can’t Get Hired”. While we have a major unemployment problem in this country we also have an issue finding young people who can fill the many vacant positions […]

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