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Super Bowl Bingo Cards for our Camp Friends

At our brother-sister summer camp in NH we’ve spent the last 86 years coming up with funny, creative, and innovative ways to help our campers have great times. And while our campers are only with us during the summers we here in the Camps K&E Office work on new ideas throughout the entire year. On Friday, as most of the Northeast was going through a major snow storm we held a puzzle solving contest on Instagram that campers, counselors, and even some camp parents from around the world were involved with (congratulations to the Baxters for ultimately figuring out what the theme of the snowday puzzles was before anyone else in the camp community!

A few years ago I developed Super Bowl Bingo Cards to help our camp families enjoy their Super Bowl parties even more. Our hope is that it helps keep the game entertaining for those who aren’t rabid followers of the NFL. It’s a fun annual tradition in the Camp Office as we try to come up with new ideas and categories, and I love how many parents email each year to ask “are you going to be making those bingo cards again?”


I happily present to our our 5th annual collection of 16 Super Bowl Bingo Cards for download. If you use them and enjoy them please let us know on the comment section below, or on our official Camps Kenwood and Evergreen Facebook Wall. 

On behalf of our entire Brother-Sister Summer Camp Leadership Team I hope that you enjoy tonight’s Big Game!


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