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Summer Camp in NH

Camps Kenwood & Evergreen was founded in 1930, and is an overnight summer camp in NH. As an intentional community focused on teaching 21st Century Skills we have five goals in mind for each of our campers.


  1. To become more independent and resilient.

  2. To make friends and develop stronger social skills.

  3. To learn new athletic, artistic and outdoor living skills.

  4. To learn from positive adult role models.

  5. To have fun.


These goals might sound familiar to you, and may reflect your own goals for your children. They are also the primary reasons why parents send their children to Kenwood and Evergreen in NH.


summer camp in nhAt Camps Kenwood and Evergreen, our children have a unique opportunity both to master skills they already possess and to challenge themselves to develop skills in an area previously unfamiliar to them. This is why our program is so varied, with both structure and choice as elements in every child’s Camp day. We recognize that each of our campers is a unique individual with different learning styles. By working with our children closely, in small groups, our general and specialty counselors make sure that every child continues to make progress in each of our program areas.


It is through this progress—and the real sense of accomplishment that comes with it—that our children build genuine self-esteem that will stay with them throughout the year. Unfortunately, we can’t simply give a child the gifts of increased self-confidence and self-esteem. Children need to be successful, not just be told that they are. They need to experience it for themselves, and we will give them that opportunity.


summer camp in nhWhile new skills are easy to see, newfound independence shows itself in subtle ways. The very experience of being away from home—exploring things on their own without a parent there—helps a child become less dependent on his or her parents. Healthy independence involves gaining the courage to explore new relationships, take healthy risks, and learn about who you are. When children mature in these ways, they become more confident in setting and achieving important goals, taking initiative with responsibilities, and solving problems. You will see these changes once your children return home. Their growth is amazing!


When children live with a group of their peers under the supervision of positive adult role models, their care and concern for others increases. This sense of mutual support solidifies lessons about sportsmanship, sharing and responsibility. It also forges bonds of friendship that often last a lifetime. Learning to get along with others—by necessity, rather than choice—helps children develop greater empathy. Living with children whom they might not choose as friends helps children to develop tolerance for differences and better coping skills.


summer camp in nhWe know that children learn from their parents. Within our the setting of our beautiful summer camp in NH, our children also learn from their counselors. Children often behave differently when their parents aren’t around. They explore and take risks in different ways. They reach out for friendship and security — and find it — in ways they never attempted before. Although they are authority figures, counselors also function as campers’ peers. They are closer to campers’ ages than parents, and can be especially playful, or even goofy. There is a reason that bunk counselors are typically college aged students—they have the energy and sense of fun that few older adults can muster.


Finally, a few words about “having fun”. Camp is basically fun, pure and simple. It’s like an extended sleepover at your best friend’s house, chaperoned by his or her really cool older brother or sister. You play all day, try new and exciting things, watch yourself improve in almost everything, and spend time with your friends. What could be better? On the other hand, you may have noticed that I did not put “fun” first on our list. While it is an essential ingredient in the Camp experience, it does not define the Camp experience. There are moments of Camp life—some of the most important developmental moments that a child may have—that are simply not that fun. Learning to understand people’s differences isn’t always fun. Coming to terms with your fears, and overcoming them, isn’t always fun along the way. Understanding that you are part of a community, and that sometimes you can’t have what you want exactly when you want it, isn’t always fun either. Each of these experiences, while not fun, represents an incredibly important road to growth and development. Disneyworld is certainly “fun”, but our children don’t really grow as human beings in the Magic Kingdom.


summer camp in nhOur goal is for your child to have the most impactful, incredible summer experience of his or her life, plain and simple. With the help of their counselors, our children face the challenges that Camp life brings, and learn important lessons about themselves. It will be a fun summer—have no doubt! But more than that, it will be a summer that really makes a difference in the lives of our campers, and that is what Camp is all about.


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Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is a brother-sister overnight summer camp in NH. First-time campers have the option to attend Kenwood and Evergreen for 4 or 7 weeks. If you would like to learn more about Camps Kenwood & Evergreen we invite you to download our online brochure or take our virtual tour. 

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