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So what did we do at overnight camp today? We had the best day ever!

Maybe the question is what didn’t we do at camp today! We offered 35 different fun and exciting activities, including team and individual sports, visual and performing arts, outdoor adventure, and more. And we pretty much had the best day ever! So what exactly did we do at camp today?

We did trust falls and learned that we can really count on our camp friends to support us. 


We woke up before reveille just so we could have more time to play with our buddies.


Learn why Kenwood and Evergreen friendships last a lifetime

We got better at some of our favorite sports, and had a blast doing it. 


We fought hard in a game, won/lost, and were totally good sports about it. 


Learn why our campers love playing sports at Kenwood and Evergreen

We took some risks and ended up loving the adventure.


We collaborated on a project to make something to benefit the entire camp family.


Check out our exciting visual and performing arts program!

We found really creative outlets for our humor, and improved our art skills at the same time. 


We gave back to our community by participating in this summer’s swim-a-thon to help support Mickey’s Kids.


We played our hearts out in every team sport. 


We tried this new thing called stand up paddle boarding on our beautiful lake and it was awesome. 


We focused really hard on making minor adjustments in our technique. 


We adapted when it began to rain, and discovered that playing basketball in a downpour is unbelievably fun.


We continued working on long term projects that involve creativity and science.


We stepped outside of our comfort zones and tried a new sport…and discovered that it’s really fun!


We went on an adventure and experienced the beauty of nature in New Hampshire.


We went on a trip with our Camp Big Sisters and formed bonds with them that we hope will last a lifetime! 


We became more resilient by practicing drills with our coach over and over again until we knew the skills cold. 


We laughed until our sides hurt leaping off of the new rope swing. 


We decided to write thank you notes to the Kitchen Staff for making so many tasty meals (this is a major first in Camp history).


And the Kitchen paid us back with the tastiest desserts imaginable. 


We goofed around with people we just met 72 hours ago and now consider our good friends. 


And knew we were a part of a caring sisterhood and brotherhood. 


We pack so many incredible moments into every day of our 7 week summer camp experience. These are just the few that I caught with my camera while walking around today.

Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is a brother-sister overnight camp in New Hampshire. We offer 35 exciting activities each day while also teaching 21st century skills like independence, resilience, and creativity.