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Share your Halloween Spirit with your Camp friends!


As I wrote in Friday’s blog, the entire Camp Office is very excited to celebrate Halloween tomorrow. Many of us will be working late into the night finishing our costumes.

We know how creative our campers and camp parents are, and we’ve already heard from many of you about the great ideas you’ve come up with for tonight’s trick-or-treating. Please let your current and future K&E campers know that we’d love to see pictures of her or his costume. We’d also love to see pics of the whole family if everyone is dressing up. Please send us photos that we can share in a blog later this week by clicking on the button below.

Click to send us your Halloween costume photos!

TPP-Plain-Sign-Download.jpgIf you need either a copy of a teal pumpkin sign to hang on your door (to let trick-or-treaters know you are offering allergen safe candies or toys or need a list of allergen safe candies please click here

Lastly, if you live in the Tri-State area and are in search of some delicious peanut free and tree nut free chocolate and gummy candies please take a look at Bow & Tie Sweets. Their co-founder is a part of the K&E family and just as concerned about providing people with allergy safe Halloween candies!


We wish all of our Camp Friends a fun and safe Halloween