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Seeing your camp friends always makes you feel good

It’s really important to see your camp friends throughout the year. There’s just something about the friendships that you form at summer camp, and it feels so good to spend time with your camp friends during the fall and winter months! It not only reminds you of how much fun you have together each summer, but how much you all love and care for one another. 

Last weekend our brother/sister camp hosted our annual Boston and Rhode Island area camp reunion. People came from as far as NH and Pennsylvania to spend the evening with their camp friends (and many, many ended the night heading to friends’ houses for sleepovers). 

camp friends

As is tradition, we began by Scott bringing the community of campers, counselors, and parents together for a talk about what new and exciting things we are working on for this coming summer. Then I played a short trailer of our Summer 2015 Video Yearbook. The Yearbook is highlight reel of some of the best, funniest, silliness, greatest moments of this past summer, set to music. If you’d like to see it please click here!

camp friends

After watching the Camp Video Yearbook everybody split up to play activities with their friends and counselors. There were games of indoor soccer, touch football, basketball, and some extremely spirited rounds of lazer tag. We also had swimming, and served everyone dinner. 

Because of our community’s committment to being a safe summer camp for kids with food allergies, everything was peanut and tree nut free. We also happily served gluten free, dairy free, and egg free options. Our summer camp is a place where you get to be yourself, and that includes eating without fear of an allergic reaction!!

Download our checklist for finding a truly allergy
safe camp

camp friends

camp friends

We loved seeing so many members of our brother/sister summer camp community, and can’t wait to see even more of our camp friends at our upcoming camp reunion on Saturday, January 30 at Chelsea Piers in Stamford, CT. To learn more about this event please visit our camp’s online calendar

For more than 85 years Camps Kenwood and Evergreen has been the 7 week summer home for boys and girls from around the world.

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