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New camp clothing ideas for our brother/sister summer camp in NH

A few weeks ago, we in the Camp Office began entertaining the idea of revamping some of the camp clothing that our catalog offers. I have a background in fashion design and even experimented in college creating my own clothing to sell back in the UK. Much to my surprise, my creations sold really well and I made enough money to host an amazing black tie 21st birthday party with the profits, which included a red carpet, paparazzi, a fun casino and auction. Although for similar money I could have had a low-key gathering in the Caribbean, it was amazing to get everyone who was important to me together and celebrate as one. ANYWAY I’m going off topic…

Check out Josh’s clothing ideas for Camp Evergreen

So I started to think about our brother/sister summer camp’s clothing and all sorts of possible changes we could make. Were there new brands and fabrics that we might want to try out? Could our team jerseys look more like what the pros wear? Might we use a yellow tree on our summer camp for girls’ clothing? This last one was a question we really debated back and forth in the office, and after much deliberation, it turns out the answer is YES. Green Evergreen clothing and garments can contain a yellow logo. GAMECHANGER!


Jason came to me a couple of weeks back and asked me to have a look at the current camp catalogue. With my background in fashion he wanted me to give some of the items a summer 2016 makeover. We spoke to the provider about what was available and what we had to work with. I spent a few days working on designs and different concepts and it is now with great pleasure that I present to you my provisional ideas! Any feedback from our campers, camp parents and counselors is most welcome, as we want to create a clothing line to be proud of, and one you will want to wear all year round.

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I’m hoping this can be an ongoing process so that we can get your feedback and keep chopping and changing what is offered. I’d love to create a clothing line that fits with our camp community’s needs and sensibilities.

First up are my ideas for Camp Evergreen, our summer camp for girls. Please click on the link below to see them and complete a short survey about what you do and do not like. Once we have collected a good number of responses from the camp community I will post which camp clothing items were the most liked, and which will be available in our catalog this coming spring!

Check out Josh’s clothing ideas for Camp Evergreen

Make sure to check tomorrow’s blog, as I will be presenting my new ideas for Camp Kenwood, our summer camp for boys!

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