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Finding inspiration in our community on a day of mourning

A note from Scott after we said goodbye to our longtime Camp friend Jodi Peikes yesterday:

I couldn’t be prouder of our K&E community, on this toughest of days. There were almost 50 of us there today, celebrating Jodi’s life and hugging her amazing kids and husband. For those of you that couldn’t come, believe me…your love was felt by everyone.

I was proudest of our campers and young staff who showed up for their friends today. There are no right words to say on a day like today, especially when faced with a husband or child who has lost someone so amazing, warm and wonderful. It is profoundly difficult and even uncomfortable, especially when you are young, to know what to say and how to act under these circumstances. Yet our campers and young staff leaned into their uncertainty and made the choice to just show up, and that is the greatest gift they could have given to their grieving friends today.


To be there. To be present. To hug and hold them. These are precious gifts. I know that many more of you will want to help in some way in the coming days. My best suggestion is to follow the example set by our campers and staff today. Call. Write. Email. Text. Make a plan to meet. (Here is the info you need) Run, bike or walk for Jodi. There are so many ways we can just “show up”, and showing up is what makes all the difference…It is what Jodi did for us at Camp, each and every day.

Sending love to you all on this sad, difficult and inspiring day,