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Camper raises $32,000 for charity & is Cleveland Person of the Month!

It was officially announced this morning that has named Kenwood and Evergreen camper Ryan Levine as their November Person of the Month! As part of his bar mitzvah tzedaka project Ryan created a kids-only film festival which he hosted at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in his hometown. The event raised $32,000 for the Michael J. Fox Foundataion to help fund research for a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Way to go, Ryan! 


This is not the first amazing work by this budding film auteur. During his first summer at Kenwood and Evergreen Ryan collaborated with a group of friends on a project that took the entire 7 week session to complete. He helped write, direct, and edit an incredible 11 minute short film called “The Underwater Counselor Lounge: The True Story”. It’s a visually beautiful piece of art that you really must see, and was the centerpiece of the 8th annual Camps Kenwood and Evergreen Film Festival. 

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We are so proud of what Ryan has accomplished at such a young age. Let’s all give him a big Camps Kenwood and Evergreen “Acka-Lacka-Ching”

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