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Camp 101: The Mickey’s Kids Swim-A-Thon


Dear Camp Parents,

We recently sent you some information about Mickey’s Kids, our amazing charitable partner organization (please click HERE to view it again).  As mentioned then, we are emailing today to let you know about how you and your campers can help to support Mickey’s Kids and the work that they do for their fellow campers.  Please read on for information about the 2015 Mickey’s Kids SwimAThon!

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!



Kelly Severs

Office Manager


Email or call 781-793-0091



What Is The SwimAThon?

The SwimAThon is a summer-long event, creating an opportunity for our campers to participate in supporting their Mickey’s Kids scholarship recipient friends, and fundraising for future Mickey’s Kids campers.

Each year our camper and counselor participants swim thousands of laps!

Please note that while your child is not required to participate, we know that children who participate and gather sponsors find the experience to be incredibly rewarding. They know that by participating, they are helping to provide a life-changing camp experience for children who may not otherwise have the same opportunity. At the end of the summer, campers will receive a special prize for participating in this event, which is provided by the Mickey’s Kids Charitable Organization. For all of these reasons we urge you to talk to your child about, and encourage them to participate in, the Swim-A-Thon.


Friends supporting friends – the Kenwood and Evergreen way

How Does The Fundraiser Work?

Campers and counselors can link to a simple fundraising page that can be shared with friends and family. On that page, supporters can make a one-time donation honoring the summer-long efforts of the swimmer(s). 

We anticipate that nearly every camper and counselor will want to participate in the Swim-A-Thon this summer, so we are again using a web-based fundraising organization,, to gather support for their efforts. Click here to get started creating your child/family’s fundraising page and then spread the word.

Our goal this year is to raise $2500. If every one of our campers and counselors participate, and are supported by their friends and family in this important effort, we should be able to meet or beat that goal! Let the swimming and the fundraising begin!   


A Few Helpful Hints Before Creating Your Camper/Family Fundraising Page:

  • The birth date used to create the fundraising page must make the named fundraiser at least 13 years old. However, it is not used for anything specific, nor is it displayed anywhere, so please feel free to use a parent’s birth date as the child’s.
  • Parents can use their email address as the one used to create the fundraising page, even if their child’s name is noted as the fundraiser.
  • Lesson learned from past summers – the same birth date and/or email address cannot be used for multiple fundraising pages, so if you have multiple children participating: (1) use different birthdays and emails for each or (2) create a family fundraising page.



The deadline to sign up for Camp Trucking is May 8!

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