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Amazing Special Events For Both Kenwood and Evergreen

Amazing Special Events For Both Kenwood and Evergreen

amazing special eventsToday was another very busy day at our summer camp in NH. Just after breakfast Kenwood began its first day of Color War. All morning and afternoon campers were participating in all of the team and individual sports we have worked on over the last 5+ weeks of the summer. During this first day of Color War our boys played games of hockey, basketball, ultimate frisbee, tennis, archery and speedball. Tonight, after dinner, the teams squared off in the hollow for the annual first night activity of this special event: Capture the Flag. 

While the boys were playing Capture the Flag our girls were having their Plaque & Performance night in the theater tent. In the middle of one bunk’s dance routines an enormous BOOM went off in the distance. Our girls immediately knew that this was the start of their Color War breakout. Courtney and Phyllis directed them down to the waterfront, and then ran as fast as their legs could carry them. Once they arrived they saw a troupe of fire dancers on the Evergreen docks, spinning and twirling to music. The girls ooh’d, ah’d, and cheered. And then, just as it was getting completely dark, off in the distance they saw something. If you’d like to see what it was, and what happened, please watch this video that I shot

Our girls are incredibly excited for the start of this amazing special event, which will take place over the next four days.

This afternoon I also put together another video that I wanted to share with you. It’s set to Billy Joel’s “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant”, which is unlikely song for today’s teens, and yet was the unofficial theme song of Hut 6 2014. Parents often ask me about what takes place on the Hut 6 and Juniper trips to Montreal. This year I did my best to capture some of my favorite moments on my trip with the boys. Hopefully, it will give you a window into how much fun we have each year.

This was a particularly meaningful Montreal trip for me this year. I adore this group of campers, and am already extremely sad that their time as campers is coming to a close. Throughout the 3-day trip, I used every opportunity to sit with different kids and asked them about aspects of their time at Kenwood and Evergreen. We talked about their initial introductions to our community, their favorite moments from these past summers, about the counselors who had the biggest impact on their lives, and what they feel that they have learned here. We talked about how they found their place in our community, and the first moment when each of them realized that this was the place they would happily spend their childhood summers.

At the start of the trip the stories were mostly humorous, but by the last day the veneers of our cool 15-year olds had been shed, and we started to have some very heavy conversations. We talked about life goals, about the mixture of fear and excitement that each of them felt about becoming adults, and about how precious their camp relationships had become in their lives. Many got teary, and in those moments they found nothing but support from their fellow campers.  

It was an incredible trip, and I look forward to taking many future generations of Kenwood campers on this adventure. And I also know that Jacki and Bob, our athletic directors who lead this excursion for Evergreen, love it just as much and for the same reasons as I do. It’s the same reason why Scott and Phyllis can’t wait for the 2nd year trips to Ogunquit Beach each year, and why our administrative team looks for any reason to spend time with our campers. They mean a great deal to us, and it is an privilege to be able watch them grow summer after summer.

Do you want your child to grow up in a summer camp community that shares your family’s goals and values?

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