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A new and fun camp video by our talented camp counselors

Last week I posted a video that a group of our campers worked on over the course of our 7 week summer camp season. If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend giving it a look. It’s creative, funny, and visually beautiful, and these kids wrote, acted, directed and edited it themselves. Their film The Underwater Counselor Lounge: The True Story could not have been made without the help of our incredible film counselors Hannah Hefey and Kaitlin Smith.

summer camp video

Our camp is dedicated to helping children find their passions, and for most of our campers that includes a mixture of team and individual sports, visual and performing arts, water sports, and outdoor adventure. K&E campers are typically very well rounded, and interested, as an example, in expanding their basketball skills, learning to design and make their own wooden furniture, and becoming a better water skier.

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No matter whether you are working on a complicated art project, or trying to master a new sports skill, having quality coaches and teachers makes all of the difference. And our brother-sister summer camp in New Hampshire has some pretty amazing coaches and teachers. Every day of the summer our 50+ specialists work with small groups of boys and girls to help them gain skills in the activities that they are passionate about…or just trying for the first time. 

And during the rare moments of our 7-week summer when they have free time, our specialty counselors often create side projects that highlight just how talented they are. As an example, I’m thrilled to share with you this video project that was the combined effort of our film and music departments. James Manigley, our long-time music instructor, took a recording of our daily wake up announcement and reworked it to be an amazing piece of electronic dance music. Then Kaitlin and Hannah layered it over a short film that they made showing all of the fun that our campers have during each day of the summer. 

Our thanks to them for working together on this project, and for producing this amazing piece of artwork that helps explain why kids love being a part of our summer camp so much!

Our brother-sister summer camp in New Hampshire has 17 short videos to help you better understood every aspect of our community. Come take a look!

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