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A Lip Sync Night no camper or counselor will soon forget

There are certain moments here that help define a summer. They’re moments involving most or all of the community, and make such an indelible impression that people talk about them years or even decades later. Often it’s a funny skit during the Opening Counselor Show, a buzzer beater shot during Color War, or a band’s unexpectedly amazing performance during Hollowpallooza. Tonight, all of Camp Kenwood experienced one of those unforgettable Camp moments during our annual Lip Sync Contest, and it wasn’t just one act, but rather an entire evening of performances that we will all remember.

lip sync night - 1

Essentially, every bunk was tasked with creating their own version of a music video to perform in front of the entire boys’ camp. During their free time today each cabin worked on their act. First they had to come to a consensus as to which song to perform, and then they had to collaborate regarding the costumes, the choreography, and everything else they could think of to make their performance enjoyable for the audience.  

lip sync night 2

In the early afternoon I walked by Bunks 1 & 2 and these guys were having a rehearsal to go over their dance steps. As you can see they were really into it, and really wanted to win.  


When it’s Lip Sync Night and your bunk REALLY wants to win #kande2018 #covergirl

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But they were not the only group that put on an amazing show tonight. In fact, every single bunk pushed themselves in terms of creativity, artistry, teamwork and showmanship. The song choices ran the gamut, including Pop, Folk, Disco, Show Tunes, Classic Rock, and Country. Some were funny, others were serious, all were entertaining. 

lip sync night - 1 (4)

Tonight was a big night for classic 80’s and 90’s Hip Hop, including the Beastie Boys, Rob Base, House of Pain, and the ever popular “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot.  

Courtney's Jell-O Pix - 1 (3)

Some discovered the joys of standing on stage and making it rain…

lip sync night - 1 (3)

These guys were able to maintain perfect deadpan expressions during all of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence”, never moving a muscle other than when one camper expressionlessly mouthed the words. As the audience cackled with laughter I turned to Scott and said “I feel like Andy Kaufman put this act together”. 

lip sync night - 1 (2)

This bunk decided to create a makeshift bar mitzvah for their good buddy from China, and not only danced the Horah but picked him up in a chair and carried him around the stage. 

Courtney's Jell-O Pix - 1 (5)

Song after song, act after act, our boys took to the stage without an ounce of self-consciousness. They knew their Kenwood Brothers were there to cheer them on regardless of how silly, awkward or campy their performance was. Just before going on stage a new camper from England turned to me and said “I am so, so nervous…but I know I have to do this. It’s why I’m here”. What an act of bravery!

lip sync night - 1 (6)

My favorite moment of the night was right after a cabin filled with 10-year olds stepped off the stage. One of the boys looked me straight in the eye and said “I will never be able to go on stage, perform a song by Ru Paul in the most ridiculous and hilarious costume possible anywhere else but Camp Kenwood”. I think my young friend summed why Lip Sync night is so popular here, and why this is such a special place to grow up. 

This was definitely an evening activity we will not soon forget!

I’d like to learn more about this sleep away camp!

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