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A huge thank you to this summer’s Medical Team and Office Staff

As #CampCounselorAppreciationWeek draws to an end we want to say a huge thank you to unsung groups in the Kenwood and Evergreen staff family: our Office Staff and our Medical team. During the summer they interact with campers, parents and staff 100’s of times per day, and make a huge difference in the quality of our community member’s summers.

Office Staff 2017.jpg

Our wonderful Office Team, from left to right: Odalys, Kanei, Ruby and Stephanie

This summer’s Office Staff — Stephanie, Ruby, Odalys, and Kanei– were there when Scott woke the camp up with “Reveille” each morning, throughout each day, and often well after we played “Taps” to put the campus to bed. They were there to pick up and greet each of our international counselors as they arrived in NH, answer everyone’s Camp questions, make sure campers got their mail and emails, that phone calls with parents happened as scheduled, that touring families were welcomed properly, and about 1,000 other vital daily tasks that were necessary to keep Kenwood and Evergreen functioning properly!

Our Office Staff this summer was kind and funny and super organized and we loved them very much. Please join us in giving them a big “Cha-Hee, Cha-Haw!” for all of their tireless efforts. Sadly, as a group, they were extremely camera shy and we do not have any photos of them together. In future summers we will make sure there is an annual Office Staff Team photo!

We’d also like to thank our incredible Medical Team for everything they did this summer. It’s hard to imagine a more dedicated group of nurses and doctors as we have here at Kenwood and Evergreen. Head Nurse Maundey has spent the last 8 summers with us, and we marvel at how she manages to have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the health needs of every one of our campers and staff members. This past summer she was ably assisted by Nurses Megan and Dakota, and Nursing Assistant Ninny. We also had current Camp parents who are physicians take time out of their busy professional lives to spend 1, 2 and even 3 weeks as our Camp Doctors. The medical expertise and tender loving care we get from Doctor Betsy, Doctor Robyn and Doctor Liza is without a doubt the best in the Camp world! We send a huge thank you to everyone on the Camp Infirmary Team who kept our camp community so healthy and happy throughout this past summer! And just like our Office Staff, the Infirmary was an underphotographed part of the Camp Team last year, and we intend to change that starting this coming summer!


Our fabulous Medical Team, from left to right: Dakota, Liza, Betsy, Ninny, Maundey, Robyn and Megan

We hope you enjoyed #CampCounselorAppreciationWeek as much as we have. Last summer there were more than 200 talented, dedicated, kind, and creative members of the Camps Kenwood and Evergreen Staff, and we wanted to make sure we thanked each and every one of them for their part in making last summer so incredible!

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