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A fabulous day at the beach for our boys

Today was just a gorgeous NH summer day. While the sun was out, and there were almost no clouds in the sky, the temperature was in the mid 80’s with very little humidity. What a perfect day for our Kenwood Freshmen and Sophomores to head to Weirs Beach!

weirs beach 1

I was fortunate to be able to go with them on this trip, and it was fun from start to finish. As soon as we arrived the counselors and I set up a perimeter on the beach for a pick up game of soccer. For the next 4 hours some group was always playing, and everyone who did had a blast. 

While that was going on other campers were in the water, goofing around with their friends and counselors. We also had a group that was determined to build the biggest sand castle, and simultaneously dig the deepest trench, possible. That ended up being a fun project that kept many of them busy throughout the day. 

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After lunch and some hanging out time the counselors took the kids to the famous Weirs Beach Boardwalk, where they were able to buy treats like ice cream, popcorn, and salt water taffy. 

Throughout the afternoon everyone just seemed so happy to have this beautiful day to hang out with each other. Multiple campers and counselors came up to me to tell me how much they were enjoying this special day, and how fun it was to spend it at the beach all together. 

weirs beach 4

Typically, I don’t get to spend this much time with one or two age groups, and with so much going on at Camp each day I don’t often get to go on day trips like this. I know how fortunate I felt to be able to be a part of this wonderful trip, and it meant a lot to me to see how much our boys appreciated it as well!

weirs beach 3

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