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A camper’s beautiful description of night time at our sleep away camp

With school in session our sleep away camp in New Hampshire is still on the minds of many of our campers. They miss their summer home, camp friends, and the great times we have every day of our 7 week experience. Last week I shared a four article piece that one of our campers in NYC wrote for her school. It highlighted many of the things she loves about Kenwood and Evergreen, and some very wise solutions on how to overcome issues like homesickness. Today I am excited to share this description Evan from Marblehead penned describing one of the most beloved areas of our campus, an athletic field called The Hollow.


Campers and Counselors singing “Taps” after a game of Capture the Flag in The Hollow

The Hollow

After the evening dew sets in, the field looks like the ocean reflecting in the moon. In the sky, constellations gather, keeping watch on all below. The stars surrounded the moon like a sweater surrounds you when you put it on. The smell of wet grass and dirt filled the air. Evergreen trees surround one half of the field, and covering up the old gym, moss and rot on the tilted roof. The lines on the field almost invisible, washed away daily, no one ever bothering to re-paint it. The nice warm summer air almost gone as the night sets in, cold air fills the darkness. The smell of smoke and fire wood in the distance, someone having a campfire somewhere near. The smoke floats up like a person getting out of bed on a Monday morning, slowly. The bird chirping in the background is clear and interesting to hear, different birds responding to each other after every call, back and forth. The blanket that covers the wet cold grass, feels like a nail file, the scratchy cotton, almost hurts to lie on it. The tall long reeds by the trees flow in the crisp, late summer breeze. Out in the distance, birds flying away constantly, never stopping, even late at night.

– 4 year K&E camper Evan, Marblehead, MA


The Hollow is a great place to play games like Flag Football

The Hollow is a pretty special part of Kenwood and Evergreen. We gaze upon its lush green fields and picturesque Evergreen trees during our morning and evening all-camp assemblies. During the daytime it is one of the places we practice soccer, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee and flag football, and after dinner it is where so many of our campers and counselors spend their free time playing and hanging out with one another. At night it often transforms into the site for some of our campers’ favorite evening activities: Jell-O Wrestling, Capture the Flag, Relay Shmeelay, and the Watermelon and Candy Bar Leagues

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EvergreenSlideshow2017- - 121.jpg

It really is THAT much fun wrestling in a pool full of Jell-O!

We are fortunate to have so many beautiful facilities here are our sleep away camp in NH, as they help us have incredible moments througout our 7 week summer experience. We want to thank Evan for writing such an evocative description of a place we love so much, and for sharing it with all of us. 


If your son or daughter wrote a piece for school about our sleep away camp in NH and wants us to share it on a future blog please email it to us. We’ll make sure to thank them with a unique K&E gift like we just sent to Evan!