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Why we choose to be an unplugged summer camp



Scientific research shows that giving young people time away from screens is a necessary part of healthy brain development, and our camp looks forward to helping our campers unplug from their electronics each summer. In joining our community campers leave their electronics at home, and the weeks spent disconnected from social media and the internet help them to form stronger, more meaningful friendships.



The ONLY electronic items permitted at camp are:

For Music:

A basic MP3 player with NO video or game capabilities and NO wifi connection. This means that most iPods, iTouches or iPhones (even without a calling plan or SIM card) will NOT be allowed at Camp this summer.  If you child wants or needs a more basic MP3 player for this summer, here are some inexpensive suggestions:

For Reading:
A Kindle Paperwhite 5th Generation* only (or real books of course!)
*please note that other versions of Kindle or e-book devices are not permitted, due to their potential for internet access and/or weaker parental controls

Please see HERE for instructions on setting Parental Controls to block web browser access on the Kindle Paperwhite.

For Pictures:
We will have incredible Camp Photographers this summer who will take hundreds of pictures every day, so our campers should feel free to enjoy their time at camp without any pressure to record it!  However, should your child wish to bring a camera it must be a basic model only (and not a cell phone, iTouch or any other multimedia device).

Absolutely NO CELL PHONES are permitted at camp

Please do not permit your children to take any of the following items to Camp:

  • Cellular phones
  • Video players of any sort
  • E-readers (other than the Kindle Paperwhite)
  • Any electronic device capable of internet access
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Scanners
  • Ipads
  • PSPs, Gameboys, or any other electronic video game systems.

Knowing violations of our technology policy by a child or parent may result in a child’s immediate dismissal from Camp.  In this event, there will be no refund of tuition.

Please understand that Camp will not be responsible for lost, damaged or stolen electronic equipment.