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What DO you do at the Senior Camper Winter Weekend each January?

At a number of recent Camp events parents and campers have asked me the same question: so what DO you do at the Senior Camper Winter Weekend? They know that about 100 of our senior campers and counselors travel up to our campus in New Hampshire, and that it’s the best event of the entire year, but beyond that it seems to be shrouded in a bit of mystery.


Well, please allow me to share some of my favorite parts of this incredible camp event. It starts with all of our NY, NJ, CT, PA, VA and MD campers riding up together on a private train car. For Harry Potter fans YES it is a lot like the trip to Hogwarts, minus all of the caged owls. From there we meet up with our Boston and Rhode Island area friends and travel up to Camp by coach bus. We have incredibly tasty meals throughout, and spend every possible moment either playing on the snow and ice outside, or playing games and hanging with our favorite camp friends inside. Sledding, snowball fights, laser tag, football in the Hollow, ice fishing on the lake…this weekend really has it all! We’ve been doing it for over 15 years, and after each one campers enthusiastically tells us “this was the best weekend EVER!” 

Sign ups for the 2018 Winter Weekend will begin this fall, and will be open to anyone who will be a Kenwood and Evergreen Senior in during the Summer of 2018. In the meantime, we put together this short video of some of our favorite photos from this year’s event. If you have a camper in your home who either doesn’t know about the Winter Weekend, or isn’t sure if he or she wants to attend, please make sure they see this! 

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