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We’re back to basics with the start of week #5 at our overnight camp

IMG_4091.jpgWith an amazing visiting day for parents behind us this morning we woke up and got back to the basics of summer camp. Our counselors went to bed at the same time as our campers so everyone woke up this morning happy and rested, and thrilled to be here for 3 more incredible weeks.

Almost every age group was in camp today, which meant that this was a day of our campers playing sports, making beautiful creations in arts, and having tons of fun at the waterfront and on the ropes course.

Just after reveille the members of the 2 Evergreen Tri-State Softball teams marched around the campus cheering and doing calisthenics as part of their traditional psych-up rituals. Every camper and counselor ran out of their bunks in the pajamas to let them know that we were supporting them.

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I followed them everywhere they went, marvelling at how cohesive a group our Evergreen Senior campers are. At every stop their team captains brought them together to talk about how ready they were for today’s playing, and how they would all be there for one another on and off the field.


Even our team equipment managers were showing off their Evergreen spirit!


It was a perfect day for a softball tournament. It was a round robin event so every team had a chance to play everyone else. The weather was hot and sunny, and our girls were brimming with energy. The A team won their first game while B lost their first. In the second round A won again while B lost in a close game. 



The afternoon was better for our B team, as they won both their first and second games. Our A team went on to win their third game by an incredibly wide margin. In the finals their bats were connecting and their fielding was outstanding, so they won 14-2. Major kudos to pitcher Cayla Weiss, who pitched in all four games today and barely let up any runs all day! 

Watching our girls work together like they did in today’s tournament was nothing short of inspiring!

Acka-lacka Ching to both of our girls’ softball teams, and especially to the A team for winning the entire event!


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And while our girls were playing softball our Kenwood Senior boys were busy with their own Ultimate Frisbee tournament. Camps from around New England arrived just after breakfast for an intense day of spinning the bean. 


Just as with softball, we had so many boys interested in playing that we were able to field two teams. Kenwood’s Grey team started off with a decisive first win. Running up and down the field non-stop left them a bit tired for their second game, and while it was close they lost it. They played really well and won their third, and then lost their fourth. By that time they had earn being totally worn out! 


Our Maroon team faired a bit better. Many of the guys on this squad have been avid ultimate players for years (one even made an amazing video of his trick frisbee shots when he was younger), so this was a really big deal for them. They have spent the last month playing and practicing, and today it showed. They won the first game without encountering much resistance, and then turned it on to win the second. And the third. In the forth game suddenly all of the skills that they had worked so long on started to click, and they beat the other team by a score of 16-0 and won the entire tournament! 


My favorite moment of today was not when they actually won their final game, but what happened immediately afterwards. All of our Junior camp boys were present on the sidelines to watch their older friends and camp Big Brothers play their hardest. As soon as they were handed the trophy the players started asking me if I would take pictures of them holding it with their younger friends. They wanted to let these little guys share in one of the proudest moments of their lives, and to hopefully be inspired to work this hard in their coming summers.

Cha-hee-cha-haw to Kenwood’s Ultimate teams for their spirit, energy, and teamwork in today’s tournament!

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Every day I find new reasons to be amazed and proud of the members of this overnight camp community. 

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