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Week #3 of the Summer of 2017 Begins at our Overnight Camp in NH!

And then we started the third week of the summer! 


As I was making my way up to breakfast a group of our Freshmen boys grabbed me and insisted that I join them in their bunk. During the summer each age group has a post-cleanup inspection, and these guys had been deemed the cleanest for the past two weeks. Their prize: their counselors constructed the biggest blanket fort they had ever seen, and as a group they had slept in it. You can see both how fun it was, and how proud they were of their achievement. Bravo boys, and nice work by the counselors both motivating their kids and finding such a creative incentive!


When I walked onto the back porch for breakfast Scott, Deena, Shirley, Adventure Dave and Lynne were having a hysterical conversation about life at Kenwood and Evergreen in the 1980’s. For those of you who don’t know, Scott was my first counselor, and Lynne was Deena’s. Lynne hasn’t worked at Camp since her children were born but we are thrilled that she’s still a day-to-day part of our Camp family, and that years ago she had her husband Adventure Dave join us! 


I love that our long-term team is so close after so many years, and how much fun we have when we are together. Minutes later, as I walked by these girls having an equally good time at their breakfast it made me wistful thinking about how many of them will still be friends when they are our age.


Just after breakfast our Evergreen 15’s Lacrosse team and Swim team for various ages headed out for a tournament. They were so excited to show the different skills they had learned in the past two weeks, and to also just get out there and have fun. 



And then it was time for regular activities. Athletic Director Jacki and Softball Coach Kim spent the morning running tryouts for the 15 and Under Softball tournament we have coming up soon. 


Learn why our campers love playing sports at Kenwood and Evergreen


In Arts and Crafts girls were trying something new, using tie dye paint to splatter decorate shirts and bags. We think something of their designs came out great, and love the artistic experimentation. 

IMG_7769 (1).jpg

Over at Cooking these guys were really not just how to bake but how to properly measure wet and dry ingredients, and how blending them in different ways can produce different results in both taste and texture. Baking is science! 


The Kenwood Inters and Juniors were off on one of their best day trips of the summer: Weirs Beach! Immediately upon arrival their counselors worked with the kids to set up a space for them to lie in the sun, and a massive area for playing games. All day and afternoon there was frisbee, baggo, can jam, running the bases, swimming, and of course, the ancient art of burying your friends in the sand!


Back at Camp every tennis court was full yesterday with campers of all ages taking lessons and improving their ground strokes, backhands and serves. 

Learn why our campers love playing sports at Kenwood and Evergreen


It was an absolutely gorgeous day at Camp, so at both waterfronts the kids and counselors were enjoying a day in the lake. Our Waterfront Directors had groups of boys and girls in all day for swim lessons and using all of the fun inflatables we have in the lake. 


In fact, it seemed like everyone was happy to be hanging with their friends at the waterfront today. 


In this photo they were required to all be wearing baseball hats on the porch of Bunks 1 and 2

Tonight’s evening activities were lots of fun. In Kenwood Head Counselor Walshy hosted a massive Photo Scavenger Hunt for the Freshmen and Sophomores. Small groups of boys from different bunks worked together as teams trying to photograph themselves doing every single task named on David’s list . While I wasn’t there I hear that a very good time was had by all. Because of the weather being so hot and beautiful the Inters and Juniors had a night of inflatable fun and tubing on the waterfront. 


The same was apparently true in the Theater, where Evergreen Head Counselor Courtney was the MC for one of our girls camp’s favorite evening activities of the summer: Lip Sync Night. Each bunk was asked to pick a song that they loved, choreograph a full music video to it, put together the most creative costumes that they could, and then perform it on stage in front of the girls camp. 



Events like of Lip Sync Night are an important part of who we foster the Evergreen Sisterhood. Being able to take a risk like this and express yourself through movement, dress up and outright silliness in front of your peers takes really guts, and in order to do it, everyone has to know that they are among loved ones they can trust. According to Courtney, tonight that was DEFINITELY the case, as each bunk did everything they could to make their performances as fresh and fabulosu as possible. Way to go, girls! 



There was still even more going on. Half of Kenwood’s Hut 6 was up in VT on a trip with Adventure Dave while the Kenwood 1st Year Seniors were in day #1 of their trip up Mt. Washington. I’ll have moore on these two big adventures in future blogs. 


All in all, it was a pretty fantastic day at camp, and a great start to our 3rd week of the summer. If you’ve missed any of our video wraps from the first two weeks please make sure to click on the links below!

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Our Rookie Camper Event is coming up on July 22nd. Campers will have the opportunity to try out our activities, make new friends and even sleep in a bunk. Let us know if you have a child who is interested in joining this wonderful event.

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