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We Start the 5th Week of the Summer of 2017!

Yesterday was one of the best, most relaxing, happiest Visiting Days I can remember in the last 30 years. And yet as great as it was it had to come to an end. By 3:30 our camp parents were on their way home, and as a community we started preparing for the 5th week of the Summer of 2017.

By dinner assembly everyone had a smile on their face and it was clear that our new campers were happy that they had chosen to stay for the entire 7 weeks of the summer. This was a major life decision for many of our kids, and their friends and counselors were so happy to be on hand to support them in getting past those first few moments after saying goodbye to family. Thankfully, any and all mixed feelings seemed to wash away, and both every activities and bed time were as fun and easy.

As gorgeous as the weather was yesterday today it was…well, not. It was grey and rained a lot, but as they always do our kids made the most of it. In fact, what they did was revel in getting to play in the wet and mud.

Right after reveille these guys were up, dressed, and waiting at the loading dock. After a weekend of visiting parents and not being all that active that were fired up to play in the 11 and Under Soccer tournament against boys at other camps around NH. They won some and lost some games, but they came up caked in dirt and thrilled about how they had played together as a team.


Right after morning cleanup Kenwood Seniors were playing Gaga, practicing in their bands for Hollowpallooza, and getting ready for our annual 15 and Under Ultimate Frisbee tournament. 



Over the last decade or so Ultimate Frisbee has become a really big sport in both of our camps, and now many of our former campers play it competitively in college. Throughout the day both Kenwood and Evergreen Seniors played their hearts out on our teams against camps from all over the State of New Hampshire. Normally, this would have been a tournament just for Kenwood but one of the camps accidentally sent an all-girls team, so Evergreen rallied and put together their own team at the last minute. We were so proud of our girls for jumping into this at the last minute and playing their hearts out.


Through wind, rain, and a whole lot of very muddy moments of sliding in the grass the boys team ended up beating out all of the other teams. Going into the finals we were undefeated, and while the other team put up a valiant effort they were just no match for Kenwood’s disc handling skills. Congratulations on the big win, guys, and thanks to both squads for how they represented K&E today!



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While the tournament was taking place on the FOD, JBF and Hollow there were also many, many other athletic periods going on today. For about an hour I had a chance to watch two squads of Kenwood Juniors work with Coach Chris on their defensive skills in ever-rotating scrimages.


On the Evergreen Ball Field a group of boys were having a hysterical time playing Mud Softball. They decided that sliding into each and every base was necessary, and the only way to get out was to not get covered head-to-toe in the mud. THIS is how our kids use their time at Camp to make the best moments possible!


The Freshmen Girls had a dance period scheduled but they decided that they wanted to do something a little bit different. Their incredible Unit Leader Dylan Mitchell decided that this morning would be a great time to reflect on how close they had become over the last four weeks.

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She devised an activity where groups of 4 had to create an interpretive dance that expressed how much they care for and support each other, and then act out a song that each group wrote about what it means to be a friend and a part of the Evergreen sisterhood. I was not the only adult who got a bit misty eyed during this. It was truly a beautiful thing to watch. 



Because of the rain all of our art departments were incredibly busy. When I stopped by these guys were busy measuring and cutting timber to make furniture.


In Arts & Crafts some kids were making 3-stage model rockets, while other campers were deeply involved in creating their own pinatas. This guy was making a Glam Rocket, approximately 4 feet long and COVERED entirely in glitter. When he launches it in a few days at Rocket Night I think it will be one of the hits of the event.


In the evening the Evergreen Junior campers and their counselors put on their PJ’s and fuzziest slippers and took over the theater tent to snuggle together and watch a move. 


Looking to have just a bit more time to run and get out their energy Kenwood’s youngest campers had their own Junior Camp Capture the Flag in the Hollow.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 8.16.09 PM.png

Evergreen’s oldest campers, known as Juniper, planned and put on a co-ed campfire at the Coliseum. Together they drafted the entire program, gathered the wood, built the fire, and put on an entire evening activity for all of our 13-15 year olds and their counselors. 


Throughout campus you could hear laughing, singing, cheering, and great times during this event. Groups of campers and counselors got up to play music and sing songs, tell stories, run silly group games, perform magic tricks, and entertain their camp friends in every way that they could think of. 

It was a wonderful time for all involved, and part of a pretty fantastic start to our 5th week of the summer of 2017!


Please note that there will be fewer blogs in the next few days. Deena and I will be leading Kenwood’s Hut 6 on the final big trip of their camper careers and we will have limited access to the internet. Thanks! 

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