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We pack a ton of fun into every camp day


It was yet another great day at camp today. We try our best to jam pack as much excitement, fun and learning into every camp day, and this was a good example. Here are just some of the moments I saw today as I went around campus. 


As has been a tradition for over 60 years, today we celebrated Phyllis’ birthday. Every girl dressed up in green and gold to celebrate, and our Sophomores and Inters even painted these beautiful signs for her. As she said when I called her up to the flag pole “I can’t imagine any place in the world that I’d rather spend my birthday!”


As soon as first activity call blew fantastic, hard driving rock and roll started pouring out of the music building. These guys in Hut 6 have formed a super tight, super good 6-piece band, and their jam today was so enjoyable that girls on the waterfront were coming up to me and asking who was playing such good music! In just a few days they’ll be on the Hollowpallooza stage performing for the whole community and we can’t wait to see it!

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There was also this terrific beach volleyball period. These girls were making a point to dive head first into the sand every chance they had. 


The batting cage was also busy all day today, with our campers getting one-on-one lessons on how to improve their batting stances and swings. 


The same was true on the Evergreen ball field. I watched two counselors run an hour long clinic with about half a dozen girls. Having watched them practice almost daily for the last 4 weeks, it was so cool to see every single one of them consistently make solid contact today. I also loved that those in the field cheered for every single camp friend who got up to bat!

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Coach Chris was working one-on-one with campers today who have developed a deeper love of basketball. By the end of this period he had helped this young man since 4 free thows in a row!

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Our Evergreen Freshmen were out on the tennis courts mid-day working on their ground strokes and backhands. Like with so many other activities here, it’s great to see how far they have come in just over 4 weeks of camp! 


In Arts & Crafts today campers were learning the old fashioned way of making their own candles. Starting with a simple string, they dipped it into a vat of hot wax, and then cooled it in cold water. With each dip the wax accumulated until they had a long, tapered candle that they are so excited to take home with them! All summer long Arts & Crafts Director Ellie has been introducing our kids to so many creative projects that our kids have never tried before!


In Gymnastics Coach April and her assistants were helping our campers both learn how to perfect their form, but also how to safely spot their friends. 


It being such a hot day everyone was interested in being in the water. The Evergreen Juniors had so much fun swinging on the new rope swing, while the Senior girls went on a triumphant lake swim.


Just after lunch some of our Kenwood Seniors hit the links. With our new driving range golf has been really popular this summer, and these guys were thrilled to have an afternoon walking the course with one of their favorite counselors. 


Antonia, our Head of Soccer, had our youngest girls in the Hollow working on their penalty kicks, and also on using inside of their feet to properly kick the ball. With color war on the horizon everyone is working hard to make sure that they get their skills into peak shape. 


The same is true in Kenwood. I watched a squad of 10 year old boys battle it out on the pitch this afternoon…though when it was over they walked off of the field with their arms around each other in friendship. THAT is the Kenwood and Evergreen way.


With the Inter and Junior production of Guys and Dolls just over a week away our girls in the chorus were working with choreographer Lauren on their dance steps. We can’t wait to see this show!


And in one of the cooler camper moments of the day, I watched this Kenwood Inter from FL try rapelling for the first time. If you aren’t familiar with it, rapelling involves a controlled walk down a tall structure while attached to a guide rope. Using gravity, this adventuresome young man bounced down the trunk of the tree and landed safely on the ground. The jaws of everyone who watched it were wide open. 


Last but not least, the Kenwood Freshmen unit leader sent me this photo late this evening. This morning the boys and their counselors drove to another NH lake, dropped canoes in the water, and paddled to a place called Belle Island. After setting up their camp site and picking delicious wild blueberries they all took the afternoon to swim and bask in the gorgeous afternoon sun. Yet another amazing outdoor adventure in this incredible summer.


Every day here is jam packed with tons of fun and incredible activities. Whether it’s daytime sports, arts and theater, outdoor adventure or our super silly evening activities, our campers have amazing moments every day of our 7 week overnight camp experience.

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