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Videos of our Freshmen/Sophomore and Senior summer camp musicals


Here are our overnight camp in NH, our campers have many opportunities to participate in artistic endeavors. We have different studios for ceramics, photography, furniture building, dance, cooking, traditional arts and crafts, and film making. We also have a rock band music studio, and an annual music festival that took place just this past weekend.

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Another artistic activity for our campers is participating in our musical theater program. Each summer our boys and girls take to the stage to perform in Broadway-style musicals with acting, singing, dancing, costumes, and a super supportive crowd of camp friends watching and cheering.

Check out our exciting visual and performing arts program!


This summer our youngest and oldest campers have already presented their productions, and tonight of film counselor Reanna put them up on our CampsK&E Youtube Channel. If you would like to see the Freshmen and Sophomore Disney Music Review, or the Senior production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory please click on the links below. Our kids worked so hard on these plays, and our entire brother-sister camp community is so proud of them! 


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Our summer camp in NH has amazing performing arts events throughout our 7 week season. We invite you to learn more about all of the fun and learning that takes place here each summer.