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Very Happy Campers | World Cup Fun!

Our very happy campers had a great day of regular activities, and made some memories while watching the USA World Cup game!

very happy campers

It was already hot outside when we made our way to the dining hall this morning. Everyone seemed to be in a great mood, happy to have another picturesque day at our beautiful summer camp in NH. Before reveille even blew I was greeted by many of the Freshmen boys on the Oak Lodge porch. They were wide awake and ready to take on the day!

After an incredible breakfast of homemade blintzes and crepes, our kids and counselors rolled out to their morning activities. I watched a fantastic introductory lesson to tennis with our Freshmen girls, and then spent much of the rest of the morning hanging out in some of our art studios. The Kenwood Inters were at Arts & Crafts, and were learning how to make abstract paintings with different types of paints and dyes. Some of our other Evergreen Freshmen were learning how to use an SLR camera, including how to compose a shot and create perspective.  

very happy campers

very happy campersFrom there I gave a lift on my golf cart to some of my friends, and then watched them learn how to shoot some of our sterofoam dinosaur targets with bows and arrows! 

very happy campers

After a delicious Mexican lunch and an afternoon siesta in the bunks we all went back out to activities. There were girls swinging from the trees in the ropes course. Some of our Senior Girls had the pleasure of being the first Evergreen campers to play on our new soccer field. They had a terrific lesson with our new head of Soccer (named TJ), and loved that they were now in the record books for using the field first. 

very happy campers

Our Kenwood Seniors also had one of the best basketball practices that I’ve ever seen in all of my years here. Head Coach Chris Straker had them running intricate offensive drills for 50 minutes straight. When it was over they were exhausted, and yet also asking when they were scheduled for basketball again. You have to love that sort of enthusiasm! 

very happy campers

Not surprisingly, in this weather EVERYONE is happy to have lots of time to swim in the lake. All day long campers were swimming, wakeboarding, waterskiing, canoeing, and going off of the giant water slide. The few times that I was at my desk today from my window I could hear laughter and giggles rising up from both waterfronts.very happy campers

At 4pm most of the community filed into the dining hall to watch the USA-Belgium game of the 2014 World Cup. With rapt attention the kids and staff watched and cheered for almost 2 hours straight. With every play the room shook with the cheers, moans and groans of the 400+ spectactors. At 6pm, when the game took a break, we all ran outside to have a quick evening assembly. We then ran back into the dining hall for a delicious meal while taking in the rest of the game. For the last 5 minutes every person in Camp was standing up, singing patriotic songs in unison. Our kids and staff took the loss well, and within a few minutes had moved onto the next part of the day. I don’t think any of us will ever forget where and with whom we watched this incredible game.

Very Happy Campers
Tonight in Evergreen was an event called “Peanut Pals”, which is a rather interesting name, considering that we are a peanut free camp!  Peanut Pals is a great night-time tradition that goes back to the founding of Evergreen, and is a way we help every girl in camp get to know everyone else.

At the start of the day each member of the Evergreen community picked someone’s name out of a ceremonial green and gold bucket, and that person became their “peanut pal”.  Throughout the day the pal left her new friend little notes of kindness and encouragement, and clues as to her secret identify. After dinner, all of Evergreen gathered in the theater. My wife Deena acted like a gameshow host revealing the Peanut Pals in a big ceremony with lots of cheering and camaraderie. It’s always a great way for our new and veteran members to get to know each other, and have a little fun!

Very Happy Campers

In Kenwood the evening activity was one of my favorites: Hobby Night.  Campers had the chance to pursue their passions, and get extra special attention from the coaches and teachers who run our activity areas.  Campers were jamming in the music rooms, fishing, waterskiing, filming a documentary, creating comic books, making plaster masks of their faces, baking in the cooking lab, building model rockets, creating furniture, taking swings in the batting cage, jumping off of the zip line, learning to cradle in lacrosse, shooting hoops and arrows, and doing so much more. 

It was yet another day of very happy campers enjoying all of the incredible adventures and experiences that our camp has to offer!

How are our campers so happy so quickly? Click on the link below to learn about how we create this incredible, intentional community every summer.

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