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Very Happy Campers Starting Trips and Tournaments

Our very happy campers are participating in a whole lot of exciting trips and tournaments

trips and tournaments

Today was a great day for fun, new experiences at Camp. Our Kenwood 1st Year Seniors left on the most challenging mountain hike of their Camp careers. Filled with a mixture of excitement and trepidation they left for their expedition up Mt. Washington. By mid-day they had reached the halfway point. Led by Jono, our head of the ropes course, some set up the campsite while others worked on getting dinner prepared. The boys had a beautiful night sleeping on the mountain, and we await a report from the group leader saying that they have reached the summit!

Deena, Adventure Dave and the Evergreen Freshmen & Sophomores spent the day at the Whales Tail water park. The weather was absolutely fantastic for a day of getting really, really wet. Every single girl and counselor went on the slides, and seemed to enjoy spending a day together in the sun and water. For some added fun, Deena a couple of the campers wear our GoPro video camera as they went down the slides. Take a look at how much fun they were having together! It was a great trip. 

This week is the start of a long period of great trips and tournaments. Our Kenwood 11’s softball team traveled today to face off with camps from all over New England. While they didn’t fare as well as they had hoped they still had a great time and played really well. They are excited for upcoming tournaments for their age group over the rest of the summer. 

Trips and TournamentsToday was also one of the biggest sports days of the year for Evergreen: the Tri-State Softball Tournament. It began seconds after Reveille sounded.  With so much interest we actually fielded 2 teams this year. Both teams marched around campus, performing calisthenics and chanting psych-up cheers in unison. Campers from both Kenwood and Evergreen came out of the bunks to root for our girls. 

Trips and Tournaments

At morning assembly Coaches Rachel Silver and Jacki Mitchell announced the names of the players and the starting line ups, while the whole community applauded in support. After breakfast the Tri-State teams headed to the ball fields. Spirits were very high.

Trips and Tournaments

Both our A & B teams had terrific first games. The A team faced an incredibly strong windmill pitcher, and we were hitless for the first three innings. Our pitcher was steady as a rock. In the fourth our bats came alive on a fantastic 2-run homerun, and from there the A team never looked back. The B team got off to a much faster start, and by the time I arrived to see that game we were already up 15-5. Evergreen was pretty happy having won their first two games.

Trips and Tournaments

The rest of the day continued to go our way. Though it was hot and muggy, and they had many games to play, our girls never lost their drive to win. At the end of the tournament the B team had secured a strong 3rd place win, and our A team wonder the entire thing. They actually were undefeated! Cha-hee, Cha-hah for both of our Evergreen Tri-State Softball teams! 

Trips and Tournaments

Our Evergreen Inters also went on their first camping trip of the summer. It took them about 2 hours of climbing to reach the top of Mt. Major. Unfortunately, because of inclement weather we did have to bring them home, so they were unable to camp out on the mountain. Thankfully, they have another camping trip coming up after Visiting Day, when they canoe to Belle Island. 

Lastly, I just want to talk about a music period that I witness today. It has nothing to do with trips or tournaments. I just thought it was a really cool moment. I was walking past the music building and heard sounds that one doesn’t typically hear together: a violin concerto and digital hip-hop style drums. I had to investigate.

It turns out that two campers were in the music building, each practicing their instruments. The drummer liked what he heard and started following the violin. Quickly they combined forces and started to make their own, unique style of music. To me, this is what our summer camp in NH is all about: collaboration, healthy risk taking, and connection making. I hope you enjoy this snippet of their playing that I captured on my iphone.

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