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Very Happy Campers Exploring And Creating

Today our very happy campers were exploring and creating at our summer camp in NH

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Our busy, happy week continues! Just after breakfast the Evergreen Juniors departed for their hike up Mt. Major. Because of thunder concerns they did not sleep out tonight, but as you can see from the photo above they had an incredible time on this adventure, just loving being together. I feel like this picture highlights exactly what our summer camp community is all about. Many thanks to counselor Sarah Rossien for taking it!

The Juniors weren’t the only ones braving the outdoors today. Our Evergreen Sophomores also went on their own trek up Mt. Kearsarge.  In just over 1 hour and 45 minutes they made it to the top. Afterwards, they enjoyed a lunch with an incredible view of the forests of NH, picked some wild blueberries, and then headed back down for the return trip to Camp.

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Our Kenwood Hut 6 boys were also on the second day of their white water rafting trip in Maine. The owner of the rafting company sent me these great photos of the 4 boats of campers and counselors on the trip. We began doing this white water adventure about 10 years ago. For obvious reasons this tradition is now a beloved part of our oldest campers’ final summer here at Camps Kenwood and Evergreen. 

Very Happy CampersThere was just as much fun and excitement in Camp today. In particular, arts and crafts was the place for creating new and cool things. Both girls and boys were tie dyeing every type of clothing they could think of, from t-shirts and towels to sweatpants, socks and even underwear.  Two other popular projects today were constructing enormous, complicated structures out of popsicle sticks, and channeling Jackson Pollock while making giant splatter paintings. 
Very Happy Campers
In the wood shop campers were crafting stools, chairs, benches, picture frames, puzzles and marble mazes. I watched the shop teacher Vinny teach a group of Kenwood Inters how to properly read and follow a wood working plan, and then safely use all sorts of hand tools. 

There was also a flurry of activity in the photography and film making departments. A group of Freshmen girls spent part of the morning taking photos in silly costumes for a comic book that they plan to make over the next few weeks. They will be using Adobe Photoshop to convert the photographs into images that look hand drawn, place them into panels, and add thought and word bubbles. I can’t wait to see what they come up with! We also had a Kenwood 2nd Year Senior film crew on location (including in my office) making a movie spoofing all of the Camp administrators. There is so much creativity at our summer camp in NH! 
Very Happy CampersEarly in the afternoon we saw a light rain fall over the campus. I’m not sure that I saw it impact a single activity. Instead, I saw campers happily playing tennis, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, and the rest of our sports in the rain. The sun stayed out while the light drizzle fell, and kids continued on swimming, diving, boating, wake boarding, and riding on the water slide and rocket. I love these moments when our very happy campers experience the unexpected, and end up having even more fun!
Very Happy Campers
Tonight there were many different evening activities. The Kenwood Freshmen had a tubing party down at the waterfront, while the Sophomores had a campfire just for their age group. The Inters had a cooking contest called Iron Chef, and our Junior boys had their first social gathering with their Evergreen peers.

The Evergreen Freshmen, Sophomores and Inters had a favorite event called “Dutch Auction”. Rather than showing up with the most money, each bunk attempted to bring as many random items with them as they could carry in the hopes that something they brought would be on the list of items read off by the auctioneer. This event is pure K&E: it’s funny, it’s collaborative, and it’s all about creative problem solving. And the girls absolutely loved it. 

In both camps our most of our Seniors spent the evening helping with their upcoming play “Legally Blonde”. Many campers were working on their singing, dancing and lines. Many others were putting the finishing touches on the production’s costumes, scenery and props. When I stopped by the rehearsal boys and girls were proudly covered in paint and glitter, and couldn’t wait to show off for me what they have made. They can’t wait for you to see their show in just under two weeks!

Tonight was also the release of the second edition of the Camps K&E Newscast. All of the content for this hard-hitting news magazine was written, filmed, and edited by our campers. We hope you enjoy their work, and stay tuned for next week’s edition!

After just over two weeks we have a community filled with very happy campers. We invite you to learn more about summer camp in NH by downloading the online version of our brochure. 

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