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Very Happy Campers Doing Very Fun Things

very happy campers

The Kenwood Inters on their Belle Island canoe trip

Very Happy Campers Doing Very Fun Things At Our Summer Camp In NH

We woke up to a beautiful day today, and all day long our campers were involved in all sorts of incredibly fun activities, trips and tournaments. Wherever I went I saw very happy campers involved in all sorts of fun, interesting activities. Just after breakfast our Kenwood Inters returned from their canoe trip to Belle Island. After spending a few hours sunning themselves on the beach, they canoed to the island and set up their campsite. Interested in a challenge, the campers successfully tried to set up their own tents. After a delicious dinner their unit leader Caleb Parker taught them how to bake brownies over an open pit fire, and then as the sun was setting the counselors told them classic campfire stories. At lunch the boys couldn’t stop telling me about how much fun this trip was!

Just as the Inters were returning the Evergreen Freshmen embarked on their climb up Mt. Kearsarge. The girls will be sleeping out in tents tonight, and the weather is supposed to be gorgeous! We look forward to hearing their stories from this great trip.

There were a lot of sports teams out having fun today. In Evergreen the 11’s, 13’s and 15’s were at an all-day basketball tournament. We are thrilled to announce that our 11’s won the entire event! Our older teams didn’t fair quite as well, but they report that they had a great time playing. In Kenwood it was 10’s soccer and 15’s golf who were traveling to play other camps. Our 10’s soccer team won their first came, lost their second, won their third, and then lost their fourth. It was a long day of competition, and they were really proud of their 3rd place finish (out of 8 very good teams). Today was also a good day for our golfers, who came in 2nd place as a team.

very happy campers

All morning and afternoon our boys and girls were enjoying their time at the lake. I watched a lot of boys and girls jumping into the lake to cool off, especially during the afteroon. Campers also seem to be way into using our newest inflatable ride called the Rock-it. Take a look at this video to see how much fun our kids are having on it! 

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned some of the exciting art projects that were taking place on campus. If you are interested in seeing some of the comic books that our campers have been creating please click on the images below.

very happy campers

very happy campers

We are scheduled to have our first theatrical production of the summer this coming Friday. It’s called Wiz Kids, and is a musical based on three plays: The Wizard of Oz, The Wiz, and Wicked. Our Freshmen and Sophomore actors have been working very hard on this production over the last three weeks. They’ve also been having a ton of fun putting it together. They are so proud and excited about this performance that a few of them made a theatrical trailer to promote it. We hope you enjoy a glimpse of this major undertaking of theirs! 

There were many evening activities tonight in Evergreen. Our Freshmen were on their overnight camping trip, and the rest of Junior Camp had Hobby Night. This meant that they were able to choose from every specialty area on campus, including all of our sports and arts. Deena and Phyllis took the Evergreen 1st year seniors out for pizza and ice cream, while the 2nd years hung out on the rock-it. Juniper, our oldest campers, got to go tubing behind the water ski boat all night long. Everyone in Evergreen was having a great time doing all of these fun things.

Tonight was Kenwood’s turn for Jell-O Wrestling. Just like with Evergreen, our maintenance department constructed a make-shift wrestling ring and filled it with about 800 lbs of bright red gelatin. Standing in the Jell-O as the referee tonight I saw the true spirit of our summer camp in NH come out. In most of the rounds the campers were the same age, but the players weren’t always evenly matched. Some were taller, or significantly stronger. And yet it did not seem to make a difference. Not once did I have to say to a camper who had a clear advantage “ease up a bit” or “dial back the intensity”. Every one of our wrestlers knew from the outset that this event was about having silly, goofy, gooey fun, and nothing more (including me – I took a massive dive into the Jell-O and somehow had it coming out of my ears). Throughout the event I saw campers ham it up, take outrageous leaps head first into the goo, and just make this event as fun and inclusive as possible. It made me emotional to watch yet another example of how our kids so understand the culture we are trying to create here.

While Kenwood’s Jell-O wrestling is similar to Evergreen’s, it has one unique facet: an almost 30 year tradition called “The Brother’s Bunkhouse Brawl”. For the second half of every Kenwood Jell-O Wrestling each pair of brothers in the community gets to compete against the other brothers. After each round the winners stay on until some team wins in the final match. Tonight we also brought back for the second time the now-traditional Brother’s Bunkhouse Brawl trophy, a wrestling belt decorated by last year’s Arts & Crafts counselor. As with last years winners, the winners of the BBB got to hold up the ACKWF Title Belt (it stands for All Camp Kenwood Wrestling Federation) and have their names written inside at the end of the event. The crowd ooh’d and ahh’d as I held up this Kenwood totem that now hangs in the dining hall all year long. 

We had almost 25 brother combinations wrestle tonight, and in the end it came down to the Sieges from Westchester, NY and the Pereras from VT. The Sieges are both campers, and one of them is still in junior camp. One of the Pereras is a counselor, and his younger brother is in Hut 6. In true Kenwood form, the Pereras hammed it up and pretended that they were outmatched by the boys form NY. There were pratfalls and intentional dives, and by the end of the match every person in Kenwood was on his feet cheering and laughing at this spectacle. Our judges’ rewarded the Pereras with a win, mostly for how wonderfully they made this moment for the other players. The title, and the second spot on the ACKWF belt went to Jaro and Wilder Perera.  A good time was definitely had by all.

very happy campers

We pack a lot of fun and learning into every day at our summer camp in NH. Our unique style of scheduling gives our very happy campers a healthy balance of sports, arts, outdoor adventure and water activities. We invite you to learn more about our intentional community and the incredible outcomes we create for children. 

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