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Using Pinterest to Develop New Program and Menu Ideas for Camp

Just as we are committed to the health and growth of each member of our community, the Administration at Kenwood & Evergreen is dedicated to developing new and exciting offerings each summer that meet the evolving needs of our camp families. It’s why in the past few years we’ve added Lacrosse, GAGA and the Waterslide to our program, and will be premiering Cooking this coming summer. As another example, starting earlier this winter Scott and I began to work with a company of consultants who are helping us re-examine our Dining Hall menus. Some of the changes will be obvious – like new items, meals or ingredients – while others will be less noticeable and more behind the scenes. One of our goals is to purchase more fruits and vegetables grown locally, so that we can increase the nutrients in our foods while also lowering our overall carbon footprint. It’s really exciting stuff, and we are having a great time working on this project!


join our project using pinterest to develop new program and menu ideas for camp

We are also looking to add some new and creative projects to our Camp Arts & Crafts program. And as our best resources for information we are asking for your help: put simply, we’d like your ideas. But rather than just asking for emails, which is likely to lead to a lot of requests for less chicken (a message we hear loud and clear!), we’d like to use a really interesting social media tool called Pinterest to develop new program and menu ideas for Camp. If you aren’t familiar with it, Pinterest is kind of like the world’s coolest cork board. Whenever you find something compelling online you can “pin it” to a board so that others can learn about it. Camp has set up two boards: “New Dining Hall Meals & Ideas” and “New Arts & Crafts Projects”. After joining Pinterest you’ll be able to install the little widget that says “Pin It” on your internet browser, and every time you see a photo that you want to share with us you simply click on it. And then you’ll be able to add it to our ever-growing list of new ideas for both the Dining Hall and Arts & Crafts.


There’s only one hitch: we have to give you permission to post on our two Pinterest Boards, so you have to let us know if you’d like to participate (it’s their rule, not ours). This is open to anyone in the community – Parents, Campers, Staff, Alumni, and even friends of the community. Please note that it may take us a a few minutes or even a few hours to process this request.  So if you are interested we will need you to click on the link below and follow the instructions.



Help Us On Pinterest!



If this will be your first time on Pinterest our recommendation is for you to enter search terms on the site that will bring up lots of different meal or craft ideas. As you’ll see from our boards we’ve already found some success with terms like “vegetarian meals”, “kid friendly and healthy” or “amazing art projects”. Once you are comfortable with Pinterest get creative and see where it takes you. You are bound to find some ideas that we just won’t think of!


So please come join us on Pinterest. Help us make this the best tasting and most creative summer in Camps Kenwood & Evergreen history! And as always, please let us know what you think of this idea. We began using new blogging software a few months ago and it provides you with the option to leave comments. Please feel free to do so here, on our facebook wall, or using “good old fashioned” email.


Thanks, and thanks for helping the Camps Kenwood & Evergreen community continue to grow! 


Help Us On Pinterest!