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Ultimate Capture the Flag and the return of Battle of the Wits!

After the game both camps had a quick swim, and then we had an amazing dinner cooked by Chef Charles. Then the entire camp came together in the theater for the return of another much-loved Camp event: Battle of the Wits. Started by our former Owner/Director Arthur Sharenow decades ago, this is an event designed to give our most studious campers a chance to flex their mental muscles in front of the entire community. Each Kenwood and Evergreen unit nominated 4 players to join me and Deena on stage to answer 10 brain teasers carefully selected for their age and level of schooling. The questions were very challenging, and all of our contestants did a great job. In the end the girls answered a few more questions correctly, and the 2018 Battle of the Wits title went to Camp Evergreen! All-in-all it was a lovely, relaxing way to end a pretty spectacular first full weekend of the summer.







We pack a whole lot into every day of the summer, and while we relax a bit more on the weekends they are still incredibly fun and interesting. Weekends are also extra fun here because they are when we bring our brother and sister camps together for age appropriate activities that are a great time for all ages!

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