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Turning a rainy day into a chance to party

One of the best things about our counselors is how they try to find every opportunity to show our campers a great time. This day started off a little wet and cold. It began to rain during the walk to breakfast, and for most of the morning there were showers overhead. It didn’t stop us from having fun at our arts and sports activities, but as lunch approached you could see that a lot of people were looking for a reason to change their mood. 

Two Evergreen counselors approached me to ask if they could put some dance music on the dining hall PA system. As soon as it began to play people took to their feet and began to lose themselves in the happiness of this unexpected and fun moment. 

All over the dining hall people were dancing and cheering. Campers were on their counselor’s shoulders.


Two different conga lines formed and traversed the entire dining hall and wrap around porch. 


Then a song called “I Choose U” by the group Timeflies came on and things got a little crazy. Since it was released a few years ago “I Choose U” has been a favorite here at K&E, both because of its fun, uplifting lyrics, and because its lead singer, Cal, was a longtime camper and counselor at Kenwood and Evergreen. With so many campers with musical talents and aspirations it’s pretty inspiring to know that a rock star actually learned to sing and perform on our very own Hollowpallooza stage!

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Thank you to our counselors who created this impromptu moment of glee, and for our campers who are always ready for a chance to have fun in a new and different way. At this lunch a good time was definitely had by all! 



After Rest Period we went back out to activities, and while it was still drizzling out our hearty campers were excited to play some sports! I watched some great games of soccer, speedball, basketball and ultimate frisbee. 

rain day awesomeness 4

And then an unforgettable moment happened. Head Counselor Courtney Chaloff was walking by the Evergreen Ball Field when she saw a game of kickball taking place. The girls were a little worried about running the base paths because of all of the mud from today’s rain. Then she thought about it and yelled to the girls “turn it into a mudslide!” And that they did! 

rain day awesomeness 1

For about an hour girls of all ages were leaping head first into the coldest, brownest mud you could imagine, and laughing and cheering at the top of their lungs. Kudos to their counselors for jumping in there with them and showing them that Evergreen Girls are this hearty and silly. This is clearly a Camp moment none of them will ever forget!  



rain day awesomeness 2

Here’s a quick video clip of them jumping into the lake to clean off afterwards. This is what camp is all about!

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