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Top 12 reasons why staying for 7 weeks at camp is the best thing ever

There are so many reasons why we are a 7 week summer camp, and so many reasons why our campers love the final 3 weeks of each season. Here are our top 12 reasons why staying for 7 weeks at our summer camp in NH is the best thing ever!

12. Do you know what’s most fun than 4 weeks of summer camp? SEVEN weeks of summer camp!

11. It’s also 3 more amazing weeks with your camp friends!


10. It’s a chance to perform in Hollowpallooza, our annual music festival.


9. Staying for 7 weeks also means that the project you make in the movie studio can be featured in the 8th annual Camps Kenwood and Evergreen Film Festivalsummer-camp-film-festival-2

8. You’ll also get to experience an incredible day of fun at our Carnival, including a water slide, pony rides, face painting, the dunk tank, an obstacle course, a 70-ft slip-and-slide and so much more!


7. Campers who stay for 7 weeks also get to experience the non-stop thrill of being on a Color War team.

6. Which also means that you get to experience the craziness that is a Color War breakout. 

5. Staying after Visiting Day also means that you get to enjoy our annual Drive In Movie. Bring your sleeping bag to one of beautiful grassy areas where we’ve set up an enormous movie screen and massive speakers so that we can watch a movie under the beautiful New Hampshire night sky. 

 7 week summer camp

4. Outdoor adventures are an amazing part of the Kenwood and Evergreen experience, and our canoe trips around NH and ME embark in the second half of the summer. 

3. The Closing Campfire is an important time for our community to gather together and reflect on the many powerful experiences of the summer. It helps give our campers closure on their summer, and helps them prepare for the return to life outside our nurturing, intentional community.   


2. Learning how to temporarily say goodbye to your parents on Visiting Day is an important life skill. It can be a little challenging, but our experienced counselors are great at helping our kids bounce back in minutes. It teaches you independence and resilience, and let’s you know that you are stronger than you ever thought possible!summer-camp-in-nh-12

1. You’ll be so proud of yourself for doing it!


Camps Kenwood and Evergreen is a 7-week brother-sister summer camp community in Wilmot, NH. Each summer we teach campers vital 21st century skills like independence, leadership, resilience and collaboration. We invite you to learn more about our incredible, intentional community. 

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