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Great examples of the amazing trips and adventures we go on at Camp

This summer our campers will participate in over 85 different day excursions, overnight camping trips, intercamps and travel tournaments. There are so many amazing opportunities for kids of all ages to play team sports, fish, hike, mountain bike, canoe, surf, and paddle board, along with just getting to enjoy the State of New Hampshire with their friends. 

Here are just the trips we had going out today:

Just after breakfast Kenwood’s U12 Soccer team left for a tournament at Camp Winaukee. Throughout the day they battled it out with camps from all over New England, and in the end came home having made it to the Semi-Finals. The word from their coaches is that they played their hearts out and always acted like a band of brothers. Acka-Lacka-Ching, gentlemen. Way to make us proud!


While those boys were heading out to the tournament Evergreen sent an expedition to climb up Mt. Washington. It’s the toughest climb we offer here at our overnight camp, and as you can see our girls were super enthusiastic about going. Their Unit Leader Ellie, who is an experienced outdoorswoman herself, helped them plan their meals, pack their bags, and head off for what will certainly be a fantastic adventure. The weather was gorgeous on the mountain today, and at the time I wrote this the girls had already made it to the summit and were at the half-way point setting up their campsite. That’s some pretty serious hiking for one day and they deserve a big Cha-Hee-Cha-Hah!  


It wasn’t just Evergreen Seniors out on a major adventure today. Kenwood’s Hut 6 (our oldest campers) spent this beautiful day climbing up and jumping off of a local waterfall with Adventure Dave. As you can see from the pictures below this was no small fete, and we are very impressed with their bravery! 1-3-5-9…


summer camp trips and excursions 2

It was almost 90 degrees today, which meant it was a perfect day to head to the beach. Evergreen’s entire Junior Camp spent their Monday at the famous Weirs Beach. They spent some time chillin’ in the water, playing in the sand, and after lunch had fun buying snacks and treats on the boardwalk. 


Last but certainly not least, Kenwood’s 1st Year Seniors went on a biking trip around the town where our camp is located. Back in the day the railroad used to run all the way up to our Camp road, and in recent years the tracks were removed to create an amazing trail for mountain bikers. These guys spent the afternoon riding all the way into town, and were rewarded for their efforts with a trip to get cold drinks and ice cream. Let’s give them all a big Iggy The Bongo!IMG_7328-1

Over the next few weeks our campers will participate in over 50 out-of-camp events, including more than a dozen overnight canoe trips and mountain sleepovers; 20+ tournaments for everything from baseball, soccer and tennis to archery, dance and gymnastics; and adventures to places far and wide, including local farms, waterslides, beaches in Maine, and even Montreal. We have so much more fun to pack into this already incredible summer!

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