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These Are The Days…To Remember

These Are The Days…To Remember (with song suggestions if you want a musical experience while reading )

Peaceful Easy Feeling (Eagles)
It’s 9:30pm as I write this, and your children are winding down from a surprisingly active day. The weather has been a bit all over the place, and when we talked to our dedicated meteorologist this morning (yes, we have one of those, as part of our monitoring service from Accuweather Enterprise Solutions!), the forecast called for a drizzly day, with an occasional thunderstorm. Instead, the drizzle dissipated and we had a truly lovely day spent mostly outside in the sun. We were even able to sneak in a paddleboarding trip to the ocean for our 14 year old senior girls, who were willing to go even when the forecast was for light rain and instead had perfect weather!

Goldfinger (movie theme song)
The Special Events that were held at camp during the July 4th weekend were epic in scope and scale. We kicked off with Goldrush, an annual favorite in which your children set out across our campus to try to find the “gold” (gold painted rocks) that our maintenance team had scattered everywhere. With a few nuggets in hand, they made their way to our camp “bank”, where they received K&E dollars commensurate with the weight of their gold. Then, back out again to hunt for more. There were sheriff’s to help those with heavy loads to lift, and bandits that were there for the chasing, each worth an ample reward once they were tagged and brought to the camp lock-up. In the evening, our senior campers ran a series of challenging games, where the campers could add to their camp dollars. Finally, each bunk pooled their money to bid on a series of desirable special experiences, including ice cream parties, movie nights for their bunk and more.

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble/Theme from Rocky
Sunday brought the start of Oddlympics in which 16 teams of kids and counselor coaches faced off in an endless array of games and challenges. These special events allow out younger campers to play on a team with our older campers, and offer some co-ed time as well. We masked up in close quarters, but most activities were outside and Covid safe, particularly in the context of our awesome day 5 test results!. Tonight and last night the evening activities included Jello Wrestling…last night for the boys and tonight for the girls. What could be sillier than wrestling your friends in an inflatable pool filled with Jello? The kids wait for this night every year. and 2021 did not disappoint. After 15 months of living within significant constraints, it is a wonder seeing all of your children truly cut loose, and there’s no better place to do that than in the jello pool, or watching the match in the cheering throng!

Tradition (Fiddler on the Roof)
These wonderful traditional activities have been favorites for many years, but in this year without intercamp sports tournaments and with other Covid-related adjustments, our team has been working hard to create some new activities to engage, amaze and delight your children! Our long-time Athletic Directors, Jacki and Bob, together with our Special Events Coordinator Alice, have created a new ongoing activity called “The Challenge”. Virtually every group in camp has participated once over the course of a morning or afternoon, each of them facing a series of challenges for their group to solve together. In one activity, the entire age group of boys or girls are presented with a pile of seemingly random objects, including tarps, tires, pieces of wood and more. Their objective is to use those items to move their entire group across the length of a tennis court without any group member touching the ground. It is an exercise in creativity, teamwork, problem-solving and leadership and it was amazing how differently groups performed, and how they all learned to work together efficiently as they moved from challenge to challenge. They learned to listen to new voices who might not be loud but had the answers they were seeking, the humility of trying and failing and the resilience built by trying again and again until they found success.

In lieu of intercamp competitions, these last few days we have been hosting open tryouts for a new “intracamp” series of games and competitions, providing campers who are seeking a more competitive experience the chance to practice and play hard against the best of their group and even older kids as the tournament progresses throughout the summer. These are the kind of innovative ideas that our leadership team is developing to vary each day and keep our campers excited and engaged. Of course, regular sports, arts, adventure and other activities continue every day, and as I travel through camp to watch your kids play, learn and grow each day, I see them enthusiastic and joyful. The positive energy is palpable in every corner of the camp, and the drumbeat of fun resonates each and every day.

Sending you a little bit of our endless supply of positive energy…