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The Weatherman Isn’t Always Right!

The Weatherman Isn't Always RightEvery morning we wake up the kids to the same refrain: everybody up! It’s going to be a beautiful day today. Rise and shine! Just before reveille it looked like a beautiful day was not in the works, so Scott jokingly said over the PA system “It’s going to be a beautiful day today…somewhere else!” The campers on the porch of Oak Lodge and I laughed at this. The forecast was downright dreadful. Thankfully, later that day we learned an important lesson: the weatherman isn’t always right.


The Weatherman Isn't Always Right 

With word of tremendous rain on the way we made plans to send as many campers as we could out to do fun things, while those in Camp used every indoor space we have for fun and learning. Throughout the morning and afternoon busloads of campers traveled to our local college to use their field house. They played basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball, and jogged around their enormous track. Many of our seniors remained in Camp to put the finishing touches on the Broadway-style musical that they will be putting on this coming Saturday (and Sunday during Visiting Day). By 11am the rain had stopped, and while the skies were still grey our girls in Camp were hearty enough to put on lifejackets and go tubing behind the waterski boat. In the afternoon we sent most of Kenwood Junior Camp to see a movie, and they arrived at the theater just as the sun began to peek through the clouds. By 3pm the sun was out, Camp was drying out, and everyone was so grateful to have an unexpectedly beautiful afternoon.


The Weatherman Isn't Always Right


This evening Evergreen had its first Hobby Night of the summer. Our girls loved having the opportunity to focus just a bit more on their passions, or try an activity for the first time. Campers were able to take part in Music, Gaga, Ceramics, Photo, Video, Cooking, Ropes, Tubing, Woodshop, Lacrosse, Softball, Batting Cage and more! I watched a number of girls successfully try the Zip Line for the first time, and also caught a fantastic lacrosse clinic on the Evergreen ball field. Our cooking counselor Rachel sent me this photo after a group of junior food scientists experimented with different ingredients in their cookie batter.


The Weatherman Isn't Always Right


Kenwood Junior Camp had another round of Watermelon League, our summer long intramural softball tournament. The Kenwood Seniors had an event tonight for the first time in my memory. Last week I had the first year seniors to my house for the evening, and during our time together I asked them if there was anything different that they’d like in their summer experience. One boy mentioned that he wished that the older campers could have their own versions of Camper Hunt and Counselor Hunt. These are two evening activities that are beloved by our younger campers, and for some reason it had never occurred to us that our older campers might want to have their own versions as well. So tonight I announced at dinner assembly that we would be celebrating the 1st annual Senior Hill Counselor Hunt. Over 3 rounds the staff who live with our oldest boys hid in the most confining, secretive, creative locations possible, while their campers sprinted around the property looking for them. It was old school basic fun, and at the end I caught up with the boy who had shared this idea with me. He was beaming, both because he had had so much fun, and because so many of his peers had thanked him for presenting the idea.


Teaching campers to be creative, look for solutions, and take charge of their own lives is what Kenwood & Evergreen is all about! And I’m so glad that the weatherman isn’t always right.