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The Skills Children Need To Succeed In the 21st Century published an article this morning titled “What’s Holding America’s Teenagers Back: Our high schools are a disaster“. It outlines the many education reform efforts undertaken in the past few decades, and how all of them have fallen short of their projected goals. It also examines how improvements in reading, math, and science skills have all stagnated for our high school age students.  Sadly, it appears that our nation’s schools continue to fail in giving our children the skills that they need to succeed in the 21st century. The article also neglects to mention a modern American institution that is helping prepare this generation for someday join and lead the workforce: summer camps.


In recent years experts in early-child development have called for programs designed to strengthen children’s “non-cognitive” skills, pointing to research that demonstrates that later scholastic success hinges not only on conventional academic abilities but on capacities like self-control. If we want our teenagers to thrive, we need to help them develop the non-cognitive traits it takes to complete a college degree—traits like determination, self-control, and grit.


The Skills Children Need To Succeed In the 21st CenturyAt Camps Kenwood & Evergreen and Everwood Day Camp, our focus is on helping our campers learn and grow, strengthening their non-cognitive and other life skills. Building grit, strengthening social and emotional intelligence, learning leadership skills…this is what our children learn through their Camp experience. A summer at Kenwood & Evergreen is the perfect compliment to your child’s school year learning, and will help to fill in the missing pieces that are the keys to college and career readiness.


To learn more about how Camps Kenwood and Evergreen teach the skills that children need to succeed in the 21st Century please click on the link below. 


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