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The second season of our weekly overnight camp newscast

One of the defining projects of last summer was the Camps K&E Newscast. The brainchild of our incredible film and music counselors, it was something that a group of our most artistic kids worked on each week throughout the entire summer. Our roving band of camper reporters produced segments on just about every aspect of life here last yearr.

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Well, I am excited to announce the debut of season 2 of our overnight camp newscast! While it was created under the supervision of our talented film counselor team, this ENTIRE broadcast was researched, written, filmed, and edited entirely by campers (and most impressively, campers age 9-14). We invite you to view this first broadcast, and hope it gives you yet another window into life at our brother-sister summer camp in NH!

In the middle of the afternoon I was sitting at my desk when I got a call on my walky-talky. Walshy was laughing, saying “Jason…you need to come down to the Kenwood Waterfront immediately”. I could hear in the happy tone of his voice that there wasn’t an emergency. When I arrived this is what I saw. Our Senior boys were having a BLAST doing some water aerobics with their counselors. 

This evening, the entire community gathered in the theater tent for the first drama production of the summer. It was called “How To Eat Like A Child”, and it was fantastic. In just two weeks our Kenwood and Evergreen Freshmen and Sophomores put together a wonderful musical that involved singing, choreographed dancing, costumes, and scenery. For many of our campers it was their first time ever acting on a stage, and they felt a ton of love and support from their Camp family.

overnight camp in NH

The actors were adorable, and they all did a great job remembering their lines and cues. They got laughs at all of the right moments, and everyone was incredibly impressed by the singing talents of so many of our boys and girls. At the end the entire audience jumped up on their feet to let them know how much we all loved this play. If you’d like to see some clips of tonight’s performance please click on the link below:

Still basking in the afterglow of their performance, Deena, Courtney and I hosted an ice cream sundae party to celebrate the entire cast. And because of our committment to kids with food allergies, we of course had regular and gluten free toppings, along with dairy free and egg free frozen treats for anyone who needed them. A great time was certainly had by all!

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