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The return of Lazy Day, another great K&E tradition

IMG_3437As I have written about throughout this summer, this has been a year of creating new Camp traditions, and bringing old ones back. This morning was all about resurrecting a beloved K&E tradition that has been gone for a very long time.

For as long as anyone can remember we’ve let our campers and staff recharge their batteries by sleeping late on the weekends. When we were growing up here there was an additional component to our “Lazy Days” that disappeared some years ago, and Deena and Jacki felt like it was time to bring it back. So when our campers woke up late this morning to the sound of reveille they were also given some surprise news: in Evergreen, breakfast was not only being served on the porch of the office, but the girls were invited to bring their meals back to the lodges for breakfast in bed.IMG_2290 

The Kitchen team had set up an amazing breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, eggs, fruit and fresh baked muffins. There was hot chocolate and other drinks as well. The girls slowly ambled out of the bunks in the pajamas, more than a little surprised at this amazing opportunity eat and lounge with their friends. Some girls ran back to the bunks to have the pleasure of eating in their camp beds while others just enjoyed a morning of dining al fresco. 

In Kenwood we also woke the boys up late, and as was the old tradition, let them come up to breakfast whenever they wanted over a one hour period. With most still wearing the clothes that they slept in, the boys had an even more elaborate breakfast with different types of breakfast meats, pastries, waffles, and 9 types of fresh and dried fruit.

It was a great morning for bonding and hanging with your best friends and favorite counselors! 

lazy day 1

There was a lot of celebrating in the dining hall this morning, and not just because everyone seemed so happy with a traditional K&E Lazy Day.  Many were still cheering over the return of longtime counselor Tom Lewis. Tom has been a beloved member of the staff for many years, and because he has become a full-time teacher in the UK he was unable to make it for Camp’s Opening Day.

After a long flight Boston and being picked up by his mate Corey, Tom walked into Senior Hill last night to swarm of excited campers and counselors. The cheering and celebrating lasted almost 45 minutes, and was really like nothing we have ever seen before. Even this morning campers saw him in the Dining Hall and began yelling his name in excitement. We know that Senior Hill feels fortunate to have him back, and so do we! 


Long time Camp friends Corey, Tom and Scott

Immediately after breakfast we surprised our campers with the start of another special event. In honor of the final game of this year’s World Cup our counselors formed 16 different teams based on countries in the actual soccer tournament. I could hear the counselors in Arts & Crafts until the wee hours of last night designing and perfecting their costumes. This staff takes their special event break outs very seriously, and went to great lengths to put on a real pageant for the kids this morning. My favorite was the Spanish (coached by Elvira and Javier, both actual residents of Spain). They turned a wheelbarrow from Maintenance into a bull, and then used it to simulate a traditional bull fight in the assembly area for all of the kids. All of the teams went to great lengths to make the start of this event fun, creative and exciting for everyone! 

IMG_2878 2

Every camper was placed on a team that contained boys and girls of all ages. It was yet another opportunity for our Kenwood and Evergreen campers to get to know one another, build friendships with people older and younger, and continue feeling a part of this incredible community of ours. 

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