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The return of Anything Can Happen Thursdays!

As we come close to the end of the 2nd week of the summer we are having lots of fun in and out of Camp. Hut 6 headed to Maine for their white water rafting trip, while Evergreen hosted soccer tournaments for 11 and 15 year old girls from camps around NH. Kenwood’s Mt. Washington and Junior Belle Island trips returned with great stories to tell, as did our Evergreen Freshmen back from their Pemi River excursion. After so many consecutive days of heat and humidity it was a relief to have a few moments of intermittent rain showers this afternoon. It also didn’t stop us from playing tons of sports and having a great time outside with our Camp friends.

Tonight we also saw the return of one of our most popular new traditions from last summer: Anything Can Happen Thursdays. Each week on this night we surprise our community with a fun themed dinner with special foods to go along with it. Tonight’s theme was Movie Night, with soft baked pretzels, popcorn on the tables, and many, many more delicious treats. On the big screen we put together a collection of what we think are the funniest clips from all of the Marvel Superhero movies, which had our campers and staff laughing while they had a truly enjoyable dinner together.

Take a look below to learn more about tonight’s special dinner, and to see some of the moments that made up today.